US Army moves 2,500 tanks, trucks and military vehicles into Europe in the biggest troop transfer since the Cold War

August 23, 2017 No Comments

In one of the largest US military hardware movement; a military brigade of 3,500 American troops and thousands of heavily armored military vehicles, the largest to be deployed to the continent since the end of the Cold War, have arrived in Germany in response to Russian aggression in Europe, specifically the Russian incursion into Ukrainian territory.  This comes after the US promised a heavier armed presence in the region; America aims at reassuring its NATO allies that it will respond to Russian aggression.

Over 2,500 military vehicles which make up the American Army’s 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team arrived at a port in Bremerhaven, Northern Germany on Saturday and spent the night 80km from Berlin. The 2,500-strong military brigade is the largest US deployment to Europe since the end of the Cold War.

As a response to Russia’s annexation of Crimea, the heavily armed vehicles are deployed as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve. Troops will be deployed to Poland, Romania, Germany, and Bulgaria and across the Baltics with several convoys of vehicles bearing different colored flags have been pictured entering the region, Humvees, huge trucks resembling Mercedes vans, trailers and low-loaders ferrying soldiers and presumable military hardware.


Keeping a full deployment of military personnel and combat troops in Europe and immediately replacing those returning after their 9-month stays is what the Pentagon plans to do now. The Pentagon wants to ensure that it has adequate military capability to deal with any aggression by Russia against a NATO member.

The troops which will meet in Poland and eventually be stationed there will carry out training exercises with NATO forces once there. With recent Russian aggression, rhetoric and perceived intentions of reclaiming part or all of former USSR territory, it is likely that the military vehicles and troops brought in by the US will bring comfort to the America’s NATO allies in Europe.

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