U.S. Army Crew and Pilots Missing After Helicopter Disappears in Hawaii

August 26, 2017 No Comments

The authority said that on Tuesday, five Americans army aviators disappear during the training session from two miles off the Hawaii Island of Oahu. The US army team and pilots were searching the helicopter on Thursday.


The aviator, which is named as UH-60 Black Hawk has lost the contact when the aviator reached Oahu. It is said that the pilots and other three members of Black Hawk aviator were taking training and exercise with another crew members of Black Hawk between Dillingham Airfield and Kaena Point.


The second helicopter crew said that they lost the connection between the Black Hawk crew after the half an hour when they started the night training exercise. Items include helmets and fuselage has been recovered.


It was the third aviator in a month who has crashed including the members of US service members. On the same month of August, the MV-22 Osprey has entered the eastern coast of Australia. Twenty-three members of the board were rescued while the remaining three were lost.  On July, another Marine KC-130T transport plane was crashed at Mississippi and killed sixteen service member.


Another plane crashed nearby the rough cedar lumber construction company. Fortunately, the people were saved but the pilot and other crew members have died on the spot.

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