Navy Fires Commander, XO from USS Fitzgerald for Fatal Collision

August 27, 2017 No Comments

On Thursday, the Navy revealed the non-judicial punishment by the removal of the commander of the destroyer USS Fitzgerald, Cmdr. Bryce Benson and the executive officer, Cmdr. Sean Bobbitt, from the ship.

Moran said that Vice Adm. Joseph Aucoin, commander of the 7th Fleet, has also decided that nonjudicial punishment will give to other sailors on the watch crew at the time of the collision on June 17.  Aucoin said,  “serious mistakes were made by the crew,” Moran said.

The reason of punishment was that in the early morning, Fitzgerald hit the broadside by the ACX Crystal cargo ship filled with brands of the commercial vacuum sealer,  on 17 in Japanese waters. Due to this incident, seven sailors were killed. The other member of the Benson and Bobbitt were in their birth when the collision happened.

Moran said, ““Look at what happened here — it’s going to be pretty hard to recover from this.”

According to the rescued sailors, The water was reached on their neck when scrambled to arrive a ladder for safety. The last rescued sailor said that he was in the bathroom at the time of the crash. Other said, “pulled him from the water, red-faced and with bloodshot eyes. He reported he was taking his final breath before being saved,” the investigation said.

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