Metal Retrofit Roofing for the U.S. Military

August 26, 2017 No Comments

The U.S Department of Defense (DoD) has the highest number of metal roofs than any other entity in the whole world. A team of professionals consisting of metal roofing industry consultants solicited the DoD to support the research plan that will be funded by U.S only. The result of that solicitation showed positive response and as a result MCA (Metal Construction Association) was awarded $1million to construct a full- incorporated solar energy metal over. That research program continued for 2 years.

This solicitation process has given so many benefits to the DoD:

  1.    DoD could easily transfer the technology among all its military branches and other operational facilities.
  2.    Following facts have been yielded:

Ø  The combined Domestic facilities represent more than 2.4 billion square feet.

Ø  55% of the combined domestic facilities have metal roofs.

Ø  That 55% increase has added up 1.32 billion square feet of the total metal roofing

Ø  Overall, there are more than 30,000 acres of metallic roofing in U.S military.

Roof Hugger Inc. Lutz, Fla., has got some idea about how instrumental DoD could be to the acceptance and expansion of metal-over-metal retrofit roofing. Roof Hugger has been delivering the structural sub-framing to the market for about 25 years.  The DoD is the only metal retrofit roofing company that can claim positively that it’s products have been installed and deployed on more than 70 billion square feet of the ordinary existing metallic roofs. These systems are wind uplift proof as they are tested both in the laboratory as well as in the real environment.

DoD has recently started their own research because of the experience gained due to the participation of Roof Hugger in DoD solicitation and supplying products on the Goodfellow AFB installation. According to the records found, it has been observed that Roof Hugger has transported its products to more than 70 military bases in the United States. Those 70 Military bases represent 30 states in the United States and each division of armed services. Approximately 3 million new metallic roofs installed have been added up to the total square footage over Roof Hugger metal roofing systems Houston. There is much other best Metal roofing in Houston but the one having Roof Hugger is the best of all in Houston.  

1.32 billion square feet of the existing roofs has been left which shows that it could represent a huge business market of metal-over-metal. If anyone of you is interested in being a part of this amazing and huge business then it is a great opportunity for you in the civilian as well as in the military markets. You can contact Roof Hugger and get the necessary information about the tools and other things.


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