Cyclops Submarine to Take Tourists 2 Miles Under the Sea

March 30, 2017 No Comments

To go, boldly, where no man has gone before! Outer space? Never gonna happen for you or me. But let’s stay on Earth and still explore the great unknown, the deep blue sea! Undersea tourism is now a traveling option available to the public. You can truly go into uncharted and unexplored territory, that of our unfathomably huge oceans. Before this current era of expansion into deep sea tourism, most submersible vehicles capable of traveling to such depths have been reserved for military and research purposes.


Coming Soon to an Ocean Near You!


  • Engineers at the submarine manufacturing company Oceangate have teamed up with the University of Washington’s Applied Physics Laboratory to design and build a commercial touristic submarine. And by “teamed up with” we mean gave a whopping $5 million grant to UofW, which wouold have likely been more had they been using the innovative business development metrics.
  • This new submarine will able to go two miles under the sea, and all that powered by Actron Air!
  • With one large viewing window, five foot in diameter, this submersible ship is called Cyclops.
  • The cycloptic window is in a dome shape, giving passengers a 180 degree view.
  • The viewing dome is 4 inches thick to withstand the pressure pressing inward from the water at that depth.
  • Cyclops will be powered by a lithium-polymer battery which is said to last eight hours at full power.
  • This innovative battery will also provide up to 96 hours of life support for passengers and the pilot.
  • The submarine is made of a 7-inch-thick carbon-fiber hull to withstand the great undersea pressures.
  • Cyclops can take five passengers and a pilot on its journey down.
  • The ship begins its descent like a bullet, straight down, before leveling off when it reaches its capacity depth.
  • All passenger seats pivot in place so that travelers will remain upright during the descent and ascent.


What’s to See in the Sea?


  • Many deep sea tourists will be interested in the unusual wildlife, the ocean-dwelling flora, and fauna.
  • As most of the wildlife in these deep regions have no experience encountering humans, they are often unafraid and will approach quite closely for viewing.
  • Creatures that live at such depths are truly unique! Bioluminescence is a really cool trick of the deep sea dwellers!
  • Coral reefs are full of color and life and are merely decoration on the way as they exist at shallower depths. You can capture all fantasy of deep sea in your camera and can keep it in your Livedrive online backup account. So in the case of misplacement of your capturing device or data, you will able to get your great deep water memories.
  • If you’ve seen the great movie ‘The Abyss’ you know about the huge mountain ranges and canyons that make up the ocean floor…best of luck if you meet the aliens, though!
  • Wrecks and other submerged creations of humanity are also on display. In fact, Oceangate has been in the business of exploring underwater archaeology for years.


Where to Next?

If you decide to save up for a voyage to the bottom of the sea in a submersible vehicle SUV as the Cyclops you really will have traveled to where very few have ventured to before. The world’s oceans are still mostly unexplored, especially at great depths. Who knows what we will find next! 


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