How to Become a Videographer in the Military

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Videography is important in the military. They are also important in documenting training and making training materials. A videographer is a separate branch in the military. It has much more responsibilities. It has a different mission like telecommunications, satellite system control, and multimedia experts. Videographers have to work as so hard so they use their own natural efforts.

  1. Enlist with your local Army recruiter. You must be 18 years of age:

For a videographer in local army recruiter, your age must be 18 years. You can join at the age of 17 years for this you should have written permission from your parents. To be a videographer in the army, you should have required skills. Each skill is tested individually and given score individually. If you have all the required skills, then you can be a part of this team.

  1. Pass your military entrance processing health exam:

There are some basic tests which they take to check your health. Test including height check, weight check, vision test and test which show that is there any presence of drugs in your body. Mental tests are also taken for e.g. Depression test or any other mental problem.

  1. Complete basic combat training.

In your basic test, your score should be 150. If you get this score you are surely selected for next round. The basic training is including marching, drilling, and some weapon using.

  1. Attend and complete your advanced individual training at Fort Meade, Maryland.

This course is about 12 weeks long. It tells about core skills training which you need in videography. Secrecy is also part of this training as you should be loyal and keep secrets of your team and work. Your citizenship was checked in this round and your fingerprint will be taken to assure that you can work here. Army checks the record after 10 years.

  1. Army videographers’ military occupational specialty designation is MOS 25V

It has its own criteria to select. It will also check your undergraduate degree and video production. You should have a degree in photography as well.


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