Yontan Airfield Marine Corps is located in the Island of Okinawa, Japan. Yontan Airfield is one of the military facilities that are lost by the Japanese forces during the World War II battle in Okinawa. The battle that happened in Okinawa is considered as one of the most intense battles that happened in the Pacific Region. With that, it became one of the most important victories of the United States of America over the Japanese forces. Though, this victory is paid by thousands of casualties. Yontan Field was closed in 1996 and was turned over to the Japanese government in 2006. Nowadays, Yontan Field is the home of the Yomitan Village Office and community complex. It is also used as baseball fields, running tracks and community facilities.

Cost of Living: Lower than the average US percentage

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: N/A

Base Population: 25,000

City/Area Population: 130,249

Child Development Centers:

Ai No Izumi Nursery

Address: 5 Chrome-14-30 Takahara, Okinawa, Japan 904-2171

Telephone Number: (098) 937-0195

Umi No Ko Nursery

Address: 1 Chrome-32-6 Awase, Okinawa, Japan 904-2172

Telephone Number: (098) 934-3371

Aika Nursery

Address: 4 Chrome-14-3 Teruya, Okinawa, Japan

Telephone Number: (098) 938-1257

Youth Programs:

Koza Baptist Church

Address: Noborikawa,Okinawa, Japan 904-2142

Telephone Number: None

Airman and Family Readiness Center: N/A

Employment: 8.7% unemployment rate

Medical Services:

Okinawa Prefectural Nanbu Medical Care Center Children Medical Care Center

Address: 118-1 Arakawa, Haebaru, Shimajiri District, Okinawa, Japan 901-1105

Telephone Number: (098) 888-0123


Yontan Airfield used as civilian airport before the World War II. During that time, the airfield was only used with civilian purposes with no military connections. As World War II began, Yontan Airfield was commissioned by the Japanese forces and turned the airfield into a military facility. When the American domination began right after the battle of Okinawa, Yontan Airfield is one of the first military facilities that the US Army and US Marine Corps took over. The facility was stored after the series of bombardments and was turned into an American Installation that was used by the US Air Force. During this time that the American troops found the plans for the Okha rocket aircraft. These rockets were used against ships and have 100% effectiveness. Okha Rocket aircraft is the most powerful weapon of Japan and it was able to sunken seven ships during the World War II.

As the World War II reached its end, the US Air Force decided to remain at Yontan Airfield for one more year and in 1947, Yontan Airfield was somewhat abandoned. There are no major units left in the facility and only a few tenants that are responsible in maintenance and general operations. Since the airfield is no longer able to work for itself, it was decided to turn it into an adjacent facility for Kadena Air Base. In the '50s, the airfield has adopted standby position. As the United States of America and Japan’s relationship were significantly improving, the Americans have given up the airfield to the Japanese Government. All this has happened in 1972.

Today, however, Yontan Airfield is no longer used as a military installation. Right after it was handed back to the Japanese government, the facility was fully abandoned. There are no longer military troops and units deployed there. The Yontan Airfield runways were turned into roads and was opened the field to be used by the civilians.


During the war, dozens of important units were deployed at the Yontan Airfield for all throughout the years. Some of the most important units included are Bombardment Group 38, Bombardment Squadron 71, 405, 822 and 823, and the list can go on and on. Over 40 different units have come and left the base during American domination. F6F Hellcats, F4U Corsairs and PBY Catalinas are one of the most important aircraft used during the war. For over the years, the Yontan Airfield provides huge potential in the area. The facility was disestablished and abandoned due to the low military actions. It is now the home of the Yomitan Village Office and used as community complex.


On base, military housing was promoted during that time. Today, the facility was abandoned and used as community complex by the civilians.

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