The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is situated about a mile from the Fairborn city, Ohio. It is in the Montgomery and Greene counties and is about six miles from the north-eastern parts of Dayton.  The area is known as the birthplace as well as the future of aerospace. It is also one of the most important and not to mention, one of the largest bases in the US.

Cost of Population: The cost of living in the area is lower than the average cost of living in the US by 8%.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 937-257-7411 or DSN 312-787-7411

Base Population: There are about 27,000 people working the base. Apart from that, there are 7000 active duty personnel living with 13,000 civilians and 90,000 retirees.

City/Area Population: The population in Dayton Metro is 841,502.

Child Development Centres: There are four centres for child development at the base that provide services to children between the age group of six weeks to five years. The programs they offer include full as well as hourly care. There are two SAP or School Age Programs that provide after and before school care to the districts of Fairborn School and Mad River.

Youth Programs: There is the PreTeen/Prairies Teen Centre offering programs for the youth at the base between the age group of 9 to eighteen years. The classes and the programs include Science Clubs, Club Tech, Image Makers, Fine Arts, 4-H, Smart Girls, Triple Play, Passport To Manhood, Healthy Habits, Drama Clubs, Hoops, Lifeskills etc.

Airman and Family Reediness Centre: 937-257-3592 or 312-787-3592

Employment: The base has a workforce of about 27,000 people. It makes the site a huge employer and one of the biggest in Ohio. Opportunities at the base are numerous. A lot of jobs are available in the heath-care field. The rate of unemployment at the Dayton metro is about 7.3%. The median income of the household is about $50,211.

Base Services:

The base services include the services support squadron, a large commissary, a large exchange, a shoppette and a mall. The WP Federal Credit Union and the Chase Bank serve as the financial institutions.

Medical Service: The base comes with the Wright-Patterson Medical Centre which is has 300 beds. It is one of the biggest facilities of medical treatment and provides the beneficiaries with a wide range of medical services.


The aircraft operations are now a part of the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base which started in around 1904-1905 when Orville and Wilbur Wright issued a plot of 84 acres of the Huffman Prairie to experiment with test flights with their Wright Flyer III. The First World War transferred lands that went on to become WPAFB and the Mad River to the Army. Additional 40 acres were bought from the Fairfield of the down-town Dayton by the Army. The land stretched from Great Miami to Keowee Street. McCook Field got the permission to use the hangar and the shop space in 1918 from the Wilbur Wright Field. They used the place for enlisting the mechanisms and assembling the engines.


The units at the base include the 88th Air Base Wing, the 88th Civil Engineers Squadron, the 88th Communications Group, the 88th Medical Group, the 88th Comptroller Squadron, the 88th Security Forces Squadron, the 88th Air Base Wing Staff Agencies, the Air Force Material Command, the Air Force Life Cycle Management Centre, the 77th Aeronautical Systems Wing, the 303rd Aeronautical Systems Wing, 312th Aeronautical Systems Wing, the 516th Aeronautical Systems Wing, the Air Force Research Laboratory which was known as Wright Labs formerly, the Air Force Security Assistance Centre, the Air Force Institute of Technology, the National Air and Space Intelligence Centre, the National Museum of the US Air Force, the 445th Airlift Wing, the 554th Electronic Systems Group.


The government housing on base is limited only to the members within the rank 0 to 6. The military housing is privatised and the Properties at Wright Field manage the units. The contact number is 937 253 6009. It has 1356 units of family housing and they are available to all DoD personnel irrespective of their rank. The contact number to the Housing Official is 937 257 6547.

Photos Of The Base

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