Watervliet Arsenal is a 142-acre arsenal Army Base located on the west bank of the Hudson River in Watervliet, approximately eight miles outside of Albany, in New York. This facility is not only strategically situated within five miles from the cities of Latham, Troy, Cohoes and New York City, but this is also the oldest continuously active arsenal in the country, serving America since over two centuries ago and actually operated by the US Army Munitions and Chemical Command.

Listed as National Historic Landmark since 1966, Watervliet Arsenal produces today most of the army's artillery, besides many other military weaponry, including tanks, cannons, gun tubes, mortars, howitzers, and related material that is used for the US Armed Forces; this is why this facility is dubbed as "America's Cannon Factory". The manufacturing area is comprised within an 1.2 million square feet in a complex that also houses 72 buildings with storage areas and administrative offices, the Benet Laboratories, a museum, and the US Marine Corps Recruiting Station Albany.

The mission of Watervliet Arsenal Army Base does not only include the manufacturing of military arsenal and associated compounds, but also the development, research, improvement and testing of technology and products, such as the GBU-28 Hard Target Penetrator best known as "Bunker Buster" that is a powerful bomb capable to penetrate underground targets, among other explosives.

Cost of Living: Watervliet Arsenal Army Base is situated in the eponymous city, Watervliet, where the cost of living is 17.4% less than the state average and 0.7% greater than the country average with a local consumer index of 101.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: Watervliet Arsenal Army Base access telephone is (518) 266-5111, military DSN 374-5418.

Base Population: The population in this facility is 500 civilian employees, 2,303 active duty, and 2,950 family members, 3,574 retirees and 2,445 retiree family members.

City/Area Population: Watervliet is a city within Albany County in the state of New York, with a population as of the 2010 census was 10,254 people.

Child Development Centers: There are at least 28 Child Development Centers and Child Care services within a 50 mile radius of the arsenal, in nearby cities, besides kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools. The school district for this facility is The North Colonie Central School District, call for further information, telephone (518) 273-1512.

Youth Programs: Education for youth is not left out at Watervliet Arsenal Army Base, but similarly, all youth programs, high schools and other education facilities are not hosted within the arsenal, but in the surrounding area.

Family Readiness Center: The US Army offers several programs, including a Family Readiness Support Assistant Program.

Employment: Watervliet Arsenal Army Base supports Equal Employment Opportunities, and offers jobs to military and civilian personnel from time to time. To find the listing of open positions, please visit the Civilian Personnel Office Online, http://cpol.army.mil/, or USAJobs website, https://www.usajobs.gov/.

Base Services: Watervliet Arsenal Army Base is an arsenal deposit and manufacturing center, hence there are no services in this facility other than the essential services for its operations and personnel needs.

History: Watervliet Arsenal Army Base was established in 1812 with the purpose to support the war between the USA and the British troops, whose support to the American native tribes was blocking the expansion of the newborn country. The first arsenal was a small military base by the side of the Hudson River, close to Troy and Gibonsville, that later would start producing its own rudimentary equipment and gun ammunition.

After an improvised and humble starting, the next year saw the arsenal growing in size, functionality, facilities and production. In 1813, Watervliet Arsenal Army Base already had offices, gun houses, brick arsenals, guard house, stables and a hospital. Throughout time, this army base kept growing and improving as the way we know it today, preserving the mission to provide the army with the ammunition and equipment needed for the different missions they are in.

Units: Due to safety reasons, no units can be hosted in this arsenal.

Housing: There are six sets of enlisted (E4-E9) and ten sets of officers' quarters (O1-O6) located at Watervliet range, three of which are single-family housing and one of these is the Installation Commander's Quarters. There are also homes for sale and houses for rent near the arsenal, besides temporary lodging facilities. Contact the Watervliet Housing Office at telephone (518) 357-4263 or (518) 266-5306 for more information.






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