Warrenton Training Center (WTC) is a National Communications System [NCS] Army Base owned by the U.S. Department of Defense in Alexandria, Virginia. It is located at 7471 Bear Wallow Road, which structure lies in the Culpeper and Fauquier counties. This facility is a classified U.S. government communications complex outside the city, 48 miles east from Washington D.C. (capital of the United States) and 52 miles from Virginia's capital Alexandria.

While the exact boundaries of Warrenton Training Center Army Base are not publicly disclosed but span from rural Virginia to the metropolitan suburbs of the nation's capital city. The center is comprised within the junction of State Highways 211 and 17 along with State Highway 522 and Interstate 66 wooded area.

This base is made up of four stand-alone facilities that are simply named Stations A, B, C, and D. Station A is one mile southwest of Warrenton, Station B is two miles northwest of this same city, and Station C is only one mile southeast of Remington city. Station D, also called Brandy Station, is the only facility situated in Culpeper County, three miles northwest of Lignum, and is the prime High Frequency receiver central for the CIA Office of Communications.

Cost of Living:  Warrenton Training Center's closest city is Alexandria, where the cost of living is 31.7% greater than the state average and 42.2% greater than the country average.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number:  The Training Center telephone number is 530-827-4343 - Base Operator, telephone (540) 347-8000.

Base Population:  Population statistics for Warrenton Training Center Army Base are undisclosed, but it is known that the population includes civilian personnel assigned from several National Communications System signatory agencies, including the Department of State and Department of Defense agencies.

City/Area Population: Alexandria is situated on the western bank of the Potomac River and is a city with an approximate population of 150,575 inhabitants, according to the Annual Estimates of the Resident Population for Incorporated Places as of June 2015.

Child Development Centers: There is none for this facility. Parents can find information in the local cities for childcare.

Youth Programs: There are no actual or past youth programs available for Warrenton Training Center.

Family Readiness Center: It is uncertain if the existence of a Family Readiness Center is associated to this facility. Due to its function as a training center, the probability is low.

Employment: Due to the nature of activities performed at Warrenton Training Center, only highly-skilled, highly-qualified personnel may apply for a job at this facility, being subject of further scrutiny and hiring requirements.

Base Services: It is believed that Warrenton Training Center offers a number of services to fulfill the needs of the military personnel working here, but there is not a public list of these facilities that could be taken for certain.

History: The planning of Warrenton Training Center Army Base dates from the early 1950s, as part of the "Federal Relocation Arc" to provide continuity of government in the eventuality of a nuclear attack on the USA capital city. The construction of this facility took place in June 1951, being then established as a Department of Defense Communication Training Activity Center, which was operated initially by the US Army. Throughout the decade of 1950, the base served as a communications training school, reporting expenses and personnel payout reports that The CIA listed for the fiscal year 1955 budget.

There is no information of the activity at Warrenton Training Center Army in the 1960s, but in early 1973, this facility was transferred to the United States Army, at which time the facility was renamed as U.S. Army Training Group, Warrenton Training Center, operated by the US Army Security Agency. However, mission realignments restored the previous name of the base, and reverted control over this again under the Department of Defense by 1982.

Before the turn of the century, the only disclosed information was a service requirement from the Department of State in 1996, requiring one full-period of a duplex circuit, capable of supporting 64 kbps for the Diplomatic Telecommunications Service. However, the CIA used Warrenton Training Center communications facilities for investigations related to the Soviet KGB, espionage on Cuba, communication with embassies and other government agencies’ affairs.

Units: This is a communications operational base, there are no units hosted here.

Housing: The area where Warrenton Training Center Army Base is located is not suitable for housing facilities and there are none inside the center itself.




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