Victory Base Complex Joint Operations is a U.S. Military Base in Baghdad, Iraq, that was a primary component of the Victory Base Complex (VBC) that was formerly Saddam Hussein's Al-Faw Palace. This complex, and the cluster of military installations that surrounded the Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) was the headquarters for the Iraqi Multi-National Corps (MNF-I) and the Joint Operations Center (JOC.)

Victory Base Complex Joint Operations Center is located approximately three miles from BIAP and is surrounded by an artificial lake. This facility is one of the largest U.S. Military bases overseas, named after the German V Corps (Victory Corps) who occupied Al-Faw Palace and surroundings in 2003. In September 2004, the liberated Baghdad properties received an Arabic Name that, for this military base, which is Camp Al-Nasr.

Cost of Living: Baghdad is regarded as a cheap tourist destination, with a Consumer Price Index of 46.14 and the Local Purchasing Power is of 62.61. Price for clothing, communication, education, groceries, healthcare, and transport is low. The cost for housing and accommodations is average, but price for furniture, appliances, personal care, and culture is high. Compared to the United States, Consumer Prices are 52.17% higher than in Iraq, but Local Purchasing Power in the USA is 151.71% higher than in Iraq.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: No longer available in Iraq. The Central Command Communications Integration Public Affairs (CCCI PA) in the United States may provide further information though it’ Public Affairs Office, phone (813) 529-0214, DSN (312) 529-0214.

Base Population: Victory Base Complex Joint Operations hosted up to 14,000 troops.

City/Area Population: Baghdad is the capital city of the Iraqi Republic, and the most populated city in the country. With an estimated population as of 2011 was 7,216,040 people.

Child Development Centers: There are no longer children-oriented programs at Victory Base Complex Joint Operations or Child Development Centers.

Youth Programs: While there might be development opportunities for children and teens and alike, Youth Programs at Victory Base Complex Joint Operations Center.

Family Readiness Center: Victory Base Complex Joint Operations is no longer providing this service.

Employment: Opportunities to work in the surrounding of Victory Base Complex Joint Operations are scarce, underpaid, and mostly available for locals.

Base Services: There were several services running at Victory Base Complex Joint Operations including free internet, international phone calls, and television. There was also a recreation area for the practice of table tennis, air hockey and other indoor sports such as wrestling.

History: Saddam Hussein commissioned the construction of Al Faw Palace in the early 1990s, after the victory of the Iraqi troops in 1988, overthrowing the Iranian Armed Force at Al-Faw Peninsula, a waterlogged region in the extreme southeast of Iraq, southeast of the city of Basra in Iraq, and the city of Abadan in Iran, adjoining the Persian Gulf.

In 1988, this majestic building, also known to as the Water Palace was one out of 99 palaces that Hussein constructed during his reign, near the Green Zone, originally a resort complex that comprised small palaces, in what is today the International Zone (IZ) of Baghdad

Al Faw Palace has 62 rooms, most of which were converted into military offices. The building also has 29 full bathrooms. The surrounding artificial lake is famous for a special breed of large carp and bass, this latter nicknamed the Saddam bass.

Saddam Hussein used this palace mainly as a vacation resort and a duck-hunting facility until 2003, at which time the troops from Heidelberg, Germany took over the place in 2003 after Saddam Hussein's capture and incarceration. Victory Base Complex Joint Operations included other military facilities such as Camp Slayer, Camp Striker, and Camp Liberty, originally named Camp Victory North.

The facility served as a strategic center during Operation Iraqi Freedom, also called in the zone Second Gulf War. Control over Victory Base Complex Joint Operations was handed over to the Iraqis on December 1, 2011, after The United States signed an agreement with the Iraqi Government three years before.

Units: There were many units and troops stationed here during the Persian Gulf War time.

Housing: No housing opportunities are available at Victory Base Complex Joint Operations. However, the housing market of Baghdad offers different living options to people looking for temporary lodging or relocations.






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