Spread over 99,604 acres Vandenberg Air Force Base is located northwest of Lompoc, Santa Barbara County, California. The base is about 11 miles away from Lompoc, the nearest town. The pristine coastline stretching for over 44 miles along the Pacific Ocean makes Vandenberg Air Force one of the most beautiful U.S. military installations. It is also the only military in the U.S. which launches unmanned government and commercial satellites into orbit.

Cost of Living: Santa Barbara County is an expensive area and the cost of living is almost 68% higher than the U.S. average throughout the country.

Automated Telephone Attendant Numbers: 805-606-1110, DSN 312-276-1110

Base Population: The population of Vandenberg Air Force Base comprises of approximately 2,892 military personnel, 3,785 family members, 1,143 civilians of the Department of Defence, and almost 8000 retired personnel from all branches of the military as well 2,822 individuals who are either contractors or private business owners within the base.

City/Area Population: According to the most recent census the population of Lompoc and Santa Barbara County are 44,200 and 431,249 respectively.

Child Development Centers: Vandenberg Child Development Centre is equipped to provide weekly, full time, hourly and specials care to children in between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years. Please contact 805-606-4639.

Youth Programs: The members of the Vandenberg Youth Centre are offered various programs such as Fit Factor, Air Force Wide fitness program, arts and crafts, computer training, embroidery, cooking, photography, drama, theatre, community service and many more. To know more call 805-606-2152

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 805-606-0039, DSN 312-276-0039

Employment:  There is always demand for a hard labour in Lompoc and the Santa Barbara County. The principal employers of the region are mining, agriculture, oil drills and aerospace industries. The average household income of Santa Barbara County is $74,950, with the unemployment rate being 8.7%.

Base Services: The services on base include banking facilities, provided by the Armed Forces Bank and Coast Hill Federal Credit Union, an exchange system that consists of a main exchange and two shops. There is a large commissary on the base (805-734-3354). Leisure and recreation at Vandenberg Air Force Base include activities such as bowling, library, arts and crafts, golf, gym, tennis, swimming, fishing and many more.

Medical Services:  Emergency facilities complete with ambulance service is available on Vandenberg Air Force Base. The 30th Medical Group runs the on base clinic with professional precision. The local network of civilian health-care centres also stands ready to care for Vandenberg AFB.


The name of the base is a tribute to the late General Hoyt S. Vandenberg, the man responsible for giving shape to the modern U.S. Air Force. The base was abandoned in a sorry state at the end of World War II. It was reopened under the U.S. Air Force in 1957. During the cold war the base had served at missile test zones, launch sites for ICBMs and deployment of satellites into orbit.


  • The 30th Space Wing is the host unit at Vandenberg Air Force Base. The Wing is organised into launch, medical groups and mission support.
  • 30th Launch Group- It is entrusted with with booster and satellite technical analyses and oversight plus launch activities. The 30th Launch Group is made up of the 1st Air and Space Test Squadron and the 4th Space Launch Squadron.
  • 30th Operations Group- It is responsible for managing space-lift missions, conducting missile tests along with space surveillance.
  • 30th Mission Support Group – It charged with the care of the 3rd largest Air Force Base in United States, including housing, contracting and the security of the base.
  • 30th Medical Group- The group is charged with providing medical, dental and public health missions to the personnel assigned with Vandenberg Air Force Base, their family members as well as retired personnel.
  • The tenant units of Vandenberg AFB are the Fourteenth Air Force, 9th Space Operations Squadron, 21st Space Operations Squadron, Joint Functional Component Command for Space, 576th Flight Test Squadron, 381st Training Group, 148th Space Operations Squadron and NASA Resident Office.

Housing: Santa Barbara County real estate is, at the moment, very expensive, with an average house being sold for approximately $340,000. The base has a total capacity of 999 private homes, available for all ranks. Though it is not mandatory to stay on base, many prefer on base accommodation over the expensive lodging outside.

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