Situated in West Point, Orange County with the beautiful view of the scenic Hudson River at a distance of about 50 miles from New York City is the US Military Academy. This institution is a nationally renowned historic site as well as an academic institution. The students who study in this institution are eventually posted as officers in the US Army once they graduate. The purpose of this Academy is to provide the country with soldiers and officers with great leadership and defense skills. The Army educates, inspires and trains these Cadets to accomplish their mission. Even the US Military Preparatory School has moved from New Jersey to West Point.

Cost Of Living: The cost of living in the Newburgh-Middletown-Poughkeepsie area of New York is approximately 25% higher than that of the rest of the country.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 845-938-4011

Base Population: The current population on base is approximately 4,400. This includes 3,000 members of the family and approximately 1,500 active duty soldiers.

City/Area population: The total population of Newburgh-Middletown- Poughkeepsie is approximately 670,301 citizens.

Child Development Centers: The Child Development Center in West Point undertakes the responsibility of providing childcare to children of the age of 6 weeks until they reach the age of 5. This center provides hourly as well as full day care. For further information please contact: 845-938-4458.  The family child care also provides full day, part day and hourly care. Both schools located on the grounds of West Point, i.e. West Point Middle School and West Point Elementary School, are part of the Department of Defense Education Activity. Only members who are residing on post can register their children in either of the above-mentioned schools. Children who are in the grades 9-12 attend O’Neill High School, but on the condition that the family resides on post.

Youth Programs: The youth service staff members of West Point dedicate their time to fulfilling the needs of the high school and middle school students. There is a gym, eating area, game room for board games, dances, instructional programs, homework areas, pool and air hockey and high school lounge all located in the facility. The facility is on Washington Street.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 845-938-4621


 The average household income of Monterey County is at an approximate of $70,294. The rate of unemployment is relatively high as compared to other parts of the country at 7.6%. Employment opportunities around the area are very limited, which also means that the battle to get jobs here is really competitive. However, if a person travels approximately 30 miles outside of West Point, their chances of getting a good job are brighter.

Base Services:

The base services on post include the following: 1 commissary (1 commissary which is extremely large ins size, contact number: 845-938-3663), exchange system (1 small exchange system and 1 shop), The Federal  Credit Union, Pentagon, and MWR Facilities (bowling, arts and crafts, fishing, camping and many other such fun and interesting recreational activities.

Medical Services:

 There is a 28 bed fully accredited medical facility known by the name of Keller Army Community Hospital. This hospital has obstetrics, intensive care and surgical wards. Facilities include general surgery, family medical care, physical therapy and a variety of other medical services.


The history of the institute dates back to the Revolutionary War, when the importance of a commanding plateau on the West Bank of Hudson River  was identified. West Point was considered to be the strategic position of the greatest importance by George Washington. To help control the Hudson River traffic, the Continental Soldiers built batteries, redoubts and forts. The British have never ever captured the West Point Fortress and West Point continues to be the oldest and continuously occupied military post in America.


Army Community Service.

Mobilization and Deployment Program.


Housing has been privatized; the Balfour Beatty Communities undertakes the responsibility of on post housing. There are approximately 18 neighbourhoods around West Point that have an average wait period ranging from 30-90 days and have a range of 2-5 bedroom houses.  Contact the following number for more housing information 845-446-6407

Army Community Service

Washington Monument

Village Of Highland Falls

Hudson River

 Grey Ghost Housing

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