Umatilla Chemical Depot (UMCD) Army Base was a military base in Oregon. UMCD is located six miles southwest of Umatilla and northwest of Portland, at the intersection of Interstate Highway 84 and Interstate Highway 82, and along the Umatilla River, tributary of the of the Columbia River, the largest river in North America's Pacific Northwest region.


Umatilla Chemical Depot Army Base was an important chemical depot during World War II and one of the nine Army installations in the USA that stored chemical weapons. Nowadays, the setting of the base area resembles a series of camouflaged bunkers that can be seen from the outside for the driver that pays attention to those bumps alongside the highway.

 The disposal of all the ammunition and weapons stored at Umatilla Chemical Depot Army Base was safely concluded in 2011 and the base operation closure is expected to be completed before 2015 is over. Chemical weapons stored at this facility included different types of ammunitions and ton containers with either HD (sulfur mustard) blister agent, VX or GV nerve agents, which were destroyed with the aid of high-temperature incineration technology. This technology has proven to be successful and totally safe throughout the past 20 years, after the Army has discarded over 80% of the total chemical weapons in the country.

Cost of Living: Umatilla, Oregon, is a very livable city, scoring 74 livability points, ranking number 109 in Oregon and number 9,908 in the USA. The cost of living in this city is 28.1% less than the Oregon average and 15.8% less than the national cost of living average.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: Public Affairs Office phone is (541) 564-5312 or (541) 564-7801; Fax (541) 564-5395.

Base Population: It is estimated that Army has 1,148,530 personnel on active duty in the United States and its territories, but the number of personnel at Umatilla Chemical Depot Army Base is actually unknown.

City/Area Population: Umatilla is a city located 30 miles northwest of Pendleton and its estimated population was 7,010 people as of 2012.

Child Development Centers: There are public and private grade schools in Umatilla, Pendleton and Portland. For children’s programs get in touch with the Oregon Child Development Coalition, phone (503) 570-1110 or (503) 682-9426.

Youth Programs: Umatilla Chemical Depot Army Base is no longer providing Youth Programs as of today, but the Umatilla County Youth Services Division has several programs available, phone (541) 278-5447, fax (541) 278-5445.

Family Readiness Center: There were Family Readiness Center and family support, but actually discontinued at this military base.

Employment: There is no military employment or career opportunities in or around Umatilla Chemical Depot Army Base. Even though, civilian employment may be available through the Umatilla Human Resources Department at Umatilla County Courthouse in Pendleton, phone (541) 278-6282, fax (541) 278-6374.

Base Services: Umatilla Chemical Depot Army Base had several services that are no longer running.

History: The Umatilla Chemical Depot Army Base was established in 1941 with the mission to store and maintain generic military items, including gears, blankets, and average ammunition. It was not until 1962 when this facility was turned into full-time chemical weapons deposit, to support the armed forces in Cold War times. Chemical weapons included sarin, mustard gas (sulfur mustard) and several other nerve agents. This large military base was operated by the U.S. Army Chemical and Biological Defense Command and curiously only stored 12% of all U.S. Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) stockpile in the nation.

Umatilla Chemical Depot Army Base was reorganized throughout the early 1990s delivering only standard ammunition and supplies to other military bases. Eventually, this facility began to get ready for closure after a United Nations resolution banned all storage and use of blister and nerve agents in 1993. Completion of chemical stockpile incineration occurred in October 2011 and nowadays the closure of this facility is imminent.

Due to its isolated location in Oregon, the 19,728 acres of Umatilla Chemical Depot Army Base are home to rare species of flora and flora, which are now a tourist attraction in the state.

Units: Umatilla Chemical Depot Army Base was a storage depot and therefore there were never units or troops stationed here.

Housing: The nature of Umatilla Chemical Depot Army Base as a storage facility of WMD did not allow housing facilities on-site due to safety concerns. However, there are actually housing opportunities in several places inside Umatilla County. To learn more about availability of housing programs call Umatilla County Housing Authority, phone (541) 567-3241, fax (541) 567-3246.






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