Situated in Northern California, in the beautiful Solano County is the Travis Air Force Base. Travis AFB lies somewhere in between San Francisco and Sacramento. This base is a short drive away from the California Wine Country in Sonoma Valley and the gorgeous Napa Valley. What began as a humble maintenance facility is today the nation’s premiere air force base, entrusted with the responsibility of combat preparedness.

Cost Of Living: Overall the cost of living California is 22% higher than the overall cost of living in the rest of the United States.

Automated Telephone Attendant Numbers: DSN 312-837-1110 & 707-424-1110

Base Population: There are 3118 civilians, 13029 family members and 10,296 active duty members on this base.

City/Area Population: There are 424,788 citizens in Solano County.

Child Development Centers: There are 3 on base child center that provide a variety of services and programs for children between 6 weeks and 5 years of age. The child care providers are professionals with numbers of years of experience. There are several interesting learning activities provided for children in the child care centers.  The Travis Air Force Base child development centers have clean and safe facilities that provide child services like hourly care, daily care, family child care and several other services. For more child services related information please contact: Phone 707-424-4585.

Youth Programs: To ensure proper entertainment for the youth, there are numerous sports and recreational activities available in the Travis Youth Center. The Travis Air Force Base Youth Center provides events for youth, school age care, sports and fitness activities. For more youth services related information please contact: Phone 707-424-5392.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: Phone 707-424-2486.

Employment: There are limited employment opportunities available at Travis Air Force Base. Some job positions are available in Non-Appropriated Funds. The average household income in the area is US$ 67,177 and the average rate of unemployment in the area is at 10.40%. For more employment related information please contact the Airman and Family Readiness Center at Phone 707-424-2486.

Base Services: This base has a support services squadron, financial institutions (Travis Credit Union, Armed Forces Bank NA), and exchange system and commissaries.

Medical Services: The David Grant Medical Center provides medical services on this base. The 72d Medical Group Clinic provides outpatient services to military personnel and their family members. The David Grant Medical Center is the biggest medical facility on the West Coast. This center has both outpatient as well as inpatient services. All military personnel and their family members have to compulsorily enroll in TRICARE. For more medical services related information and to take appointments please contact: the David Grant Medical Center at Phone 707-423-3000. 


Travis Air Force Base is the largest military aerial port in the United States. This base started out as a few tarpaper barracks and maintenance hangers on a windswept California prairie. This base provides global mobility through aerial refueling and airlift. Besides this, Travis Air Force Base has provided special airlift support for scientific research for space programs and presidential travel. Travis AFB has also provided global humanitarian relief efforts in emergency situations and natural disaster situations.


  • 15th Air Mobility Operations Squadron
  • 570th Global Mobility Readiness Squadron
  • 570th Global Mobility Squadron
  • 571st Mobility Support Advisory Squadron
  • 60th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron
  • 60th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
  • 60th Medical Diagnostics and Therapeutics Squadron
  • 821st Contingency Response Support Squadron (CRSS)


Privatized housing can be availed by signing a lease agreement with Balfour Beatty Communities. Management, maintenance, construction, repairing is done by Balfour Beatty Community (BBC). The housing areas also come pre-equipped with recreational and sports facilities like jogging parks, basketball courts, dogs parks and other facilities. 2,3 and 4 bedroom-housing units are available for military personnel and their family members. Some military families may consider living in the local community as well. Single officers can opt for unaccompanied housing in bachelor’s quarters. For more housing related information please contact: Phone 707-424-1746.

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