Tooele Army Depot is a Department of Defense (DoD) conventional ammunition facility and ammunition equipment center in the western region of the USA, located about 40 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, in the city of Tooele, Utah, a place in the county by the same name. The town lies on the western slopes of the Oquirrh Mountains. This 23,732-acre federal facility is situated among the Tooele Valley, Salt Lake Valley and is a privately owned waste-disposal facilities in Skull Valley.

Tooele Army Depot (TEAD) has the mission to support war-fighter readiness, being in charge of the reception and storage of conventional ammunition, besides their issue, demilitarization and renovation of the same. This facility also designs and manufactures ammunition peculiar equipment (APE), taking care of their maintenance and fielding. This depot also provides quality Base operation support and Rail/Non-tactical generator equipment support, as a Tier 1 active joint ammunition storage facility.

Cost of Living: The cost of living in Tooele is 3.3% less than the Utah average cost of living and 2.8% less than the national average cost of living. This city is considered to have a livability of 78 points out of 100 based on high income per capita, high graduation rates, local amenities, and low cost of living, which makes of Tooele an extremely livable city ranked number 54 in the state of Utah, and number 4311 in America.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: Base Operator phone number is (435) 833-3211, DSN 790-2852. Billeting/Quarters dial (435) 833-2056 or DSN: 790-2056. Public Affairs Office phone number is (435) 833-2693, fax (435) 833-2810. Mailing Address is Building 1012, ATTN: SJMTE-CF-F, Tooele, UT, 84074-5000, or write to [email protected]

Base Population: Assigned-service base population accounts for 8,030 people, from whom four are Active Duty Officers, 12 are family members, one is a Reserve Component Officer, 13 are Reserve Component Enlisted, and 7,000 are retirees, besides having a total of 1000 civilian employees.

City/Area Population: Tooele is a city with a total area of 21.2 square miles, from which 0.09% is water. This city had a population of 32,115 as of 2012.

Child Development Centers: There are public and DoDDS schools within the Tooele County, but not specifically within the Tooele Army Depot.

Youth Programs: Tooele Army Depot has special education youth programs and there are also colleges and universities within the surrounding area.

Family Readiness Center: Family readiness programs include Adult and Continuing Education support for military personnel and their families.

Employment: Like happens at other Army facilities, employment opportunities are available through job listings published at federal bulletin boards and job-related websites. Peak employment was recorded in 1985 with 4,697 employees and the actual employment level is estimated to be 501 civilian employees and two military, with 24 military tenants and 48 civilian tenants.

Base Services: Tooele Army Depot has an official website providing further information on the base service and activities, the Tooele Army Depot Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Website. Physically located at Building 1002, inside Tooele Army Depot, it also provides further information calling at (435) 833-2005 or via fax dialing (435) 833-2251.


Tooele Army Depot was established in 1942 in a region characterized for the ancestral Indian culture and traditions. Tooele Valley was inhabited by native Indians, the Goshute tribe, around 11,000 years ago, and there are still Indian reservations nowadays that surround the depot and witness the construction of this facility, which was completed in 1943.

Originally named Tooele Ordnance Depot, it was a storage depot for World War II ammunition, supplies and combat vehicles. When WWII was over, this facility took control of the Desert Chemical Depot existing in the south area of the valley, changing its name to Tooele Army Depot in 1962. Two years later, Tooele Army Depot assumed command of the facility located in Hill Air Force Base, Utah, an equipment repair and non-tactical generator rail facility, as the base would eventually do it again in 1994, gaining control over Pueblo Army Depot Activity, a general supply storage facility in Colorado. After eliminating troop support, Tooele Army Depot was realigned in 1995 for maintenance, storage and distribution missions.


There are no units or troops stationed in Tooele Army Depot.


Tooele Army Depot has 1,167 building and 902 igloos, from which 2,483,000 sq feet are occupied as storage facility. Whether you are seeking for on-post or off-post living, housing opportunities at this facility can be obtained by contacting Tooele Army Depot Housing Office at (435) 833-2124.






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