In Northeastern Pennsylvania, Pocono ranges lies nestled the Tobyhanna Army Depot (TYAD), in Monroe County. The range encompasses the four nations of Monroe, Carbon, Wayne and Pike. The army base is surrounded by scintillating regions like Philadelphia and New York. The army installation in Monroe is one of the largest wings that provide service for the upkeep of electronics to the Department of Defense.  The objective of this army base is to produce, renovate, and improve the various electronic structures. Tobyhanna is the nucleus of Industrial and Technical Excellence for the kinds of conveyance that are aided by radar and ammunition supervision.

Cost of Living: The cost of living of Monroe County is 94.90 when compared to an U.S average of 100.

Automated Telephone Attendant number: 570-615-7000; 800-892-0502

Base Population: The citizenry of the Tobyhanna army base is composed of 48 militants, 4,593 commoners, 1,203 contractors and 7,800 National Guard and Reserve and their dependent members.

City/Area Population: Monroe County has a population of 165,685.

Child Development Centers: Arrays of arrangements are procured by the Tobyhanna Child Development Center for those children who belong to the age group of 6 weeks and 6 years. Programs to provide care for the children, preceding and following school timing are offered by the SAS program. The programs also constitute of other equipment such as a whole day care facility during recess periods. The CDC looks after almost 200 children. To contact: 570-615-6559; 570-615-6682

Youth Programs: The various youth programs to feed the demand of the growing ones constitute of air hockey, pool table, board games, arts & crafts, TV, etc. The youth can also avail the leadership activities to help grow socially and mentally. The center provides with such events like holiday get together, lock-ins, sports and amusement arenas. To know more call: 570-615-6559

Airman and Family Readiness Center:  570-615-7069; 570-615-6682

Employment: One of the largest employment hubs in Northeastern Pennsylvania is Tobyhanna Army Depot which is responsible for recruiting an odd 5,000 non-combatants and 30 armed officials. The Monroe County suffers from an unemployment rate accounting to 9.5%. The average household income of this region is $56,854.

Base Services:

Financial Facilities: The institutions which provides banking facility in Monroe County is Valor Credit Union.

MWR Facilities: The Army base proffers the residents with several enthusiastic activities in which library; sports, swimming, clubs and such other activities are enlisted. There is 1 commissary on post.

1 exchange system available on post

Medical Services: The elementary goal of the U.S Army Health Clinic seated in the Tobyhanna Army Depot is to restrain on-duty injuries. This objective is operational under the Occupational Health and Limited Palliative Care. They look towards the lessening of health problems involving the Tobyhanna Civilian Workforce. Pocono Medical Center situated in East Stroudsburg is the nearest health clinic available to the ones living in this army base. Geisinger Health Systems is a Tricare program that regulates in the neighborhood.  For more information or to obtain an appointment call: 570-839-6563


The establishment of Tobyhanna Army Depot was held on 1st February, 1953. The continuum of this installation has been deciphered in Monroe only since 1912.  This was initialized when the proposal to establish this base for training the artillery squad was decided. It served as camp site to captivate the enemy combatants during a war was on progress. It acted as a depot for the gliders which were used during the operation at Normandy in 1944.


The major fragments that constitute the Tobyhanna Army Depot are Defense Logistics Agency-Distribution Tobyhanna, High Tech Regional Training Site, Medical Maintenance, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.


To serve the housing needs of the army base, there are 42 family housing units and 2 for the officials, on-post which operate under the ownership of the Government. The housing apartments comprises of 3 duplexes scattered in 6 units. There are 34 townhouses to board and are associated with 3 to 4 bedrooms and 2 washrooms. Due to the high demand the wait to attain a unit can range from 60 to 90 days. It would be rather wise to relocate to Tobyhanna with an alternate plan before obtaining a residence of the Army base. For the single dwellers in the army camp, they can avail the barracks which have a provision for 440 soldiers and are facilitated with screens in between to retain privacy. To get more information, contact: 570-615-7970.

Housing Area

Sports & Fitness Center - Mack Fieldhouse

Helicopter Miss Mini

Tobyhanna Army Depot Main Entrance

Child Development Center

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