Located in the eastern coastline of Virginia, the Surface Combat Systems Center (SCSC) is state of art facility which co-exists with the NASA centre at Wallops Flight Facility. The region is well known for its distinctive flora and fauna. SCSC is endowed with the responsibility of providing integrated warfare technology for maritime operations. It provides support to the Surface Combat Systems Detachment Centre. Moreover, the SCSC also helps in the testing and evaluations of the warheads. Many fleet operations are also conducted by SCSC.  

You would be surprised to know that SCSC is such an important institution for the US defence operations that it has its arsenal equivalent to that of all major warships and sea destroyers of the US Navy. The SCSC shares its premises with the Ship's Self Defence facility, AEGIS Engineering and Training Complex and the Wallops Island Engineering Test Centre. Due to its highly strategic significance, the SCSC has been given the title of “The Battle Group in the Sand”.

Cost of Living: While comparing with the US average, the cost of living in the Wallops Island is about 3% less than the US average.    

Automated Telephone Attendant Numbers: Please contact the base at 757-824-1692.

Base Population: Being a compact part of Wallops Flight Facility, SCSC has 300 personnel working in it from all departments, which include defence and civil, both.  

City/Area Population:  The total strength of the Accomack County region goes up to 38,000.

Child Development Center (CDC):  The base does not has any CDC operating in it currently. Though, the native bodies have several child programs running. These communities offer all range of services starting from weekly/hourly care to preschool.

Currently, there is no district operated school operating at the base. Though, there are numerous schools in the Accomack County which offer programs starting from Kindergarten to Grade 12. Few of the popular institutions are Holly Grove Christian School, Northampton County Virginia Public Schools, Broadwater Academy, Accomack County Public Schools and Somerset County Maryland School.

Youth Programs:  Currently, no youth program is offered at the SCSC.

Fleet and Family Support Center: Please contact FFSC at 757-444-2102 at Norfolk, Virginia

Employment: The prominent sectors which provide good job opportunities are teaching, computer analysing which includes programming language and repair. Even nursing provides a lot of opportunities here. The Unemployment rate in the Wallops Island is 7.80% whereas the average household income in the region is about $39,683.  

Base Services:

The base has one Morale, Welfare and Recreation centre running under it and also provides exchange services. No significant commissary or financial service is provided at SCSC.

Medical Services: SCSC does not provide any medical facility. The medical services are under the responsibility of TRICARE Remote.  


The Wallops Flight Station was first used as rocket launching site by NASA in 1945. Thereafter, it was used for the research for unmanned aerial vehicles and pilotless aircrafts. Due to these operations, it was renamed as Pilotless Aircraft Research Station. This led to the construction of several wind tunnels which form the base for testing an aircraft’s aerodynamic properties. The name “Wallops Flight Facility” was given to the base in 1981 as it was merged with the Goddard Space Flight Center. Many famous tests and launches were done from this particular base, most notably, the scout rocket Explorer IX was launched from Wallops Base on 15th February, 1961. In the recent times, on 6th September 2013, the launch of LADEE i.e. Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer was conducted from Wallops Flight Facility.

The SCSC was developed by the Navy in early 1980s at Wallops Facility to bolster its operations in eastern Virginia. Since then, the SCSC has been giving its services to US Navy, NASA and US Coast Guards.


No particular Military Unit is commanding the SCSC, though the Program Executive Officer of Integrated Warfare Systems head the operations at SCSC. Major units include - 313th TRS, USAF, Corry Station, 325th Fighter Wing, Det 1, 344th MI Battalion (Corry Station), and 350th Civil Affairs Command, USACAPOC(A).


The Wallops Islands command provides accommodation to its personnel through its 20 duplex houses at the Skeeter Lane. The facility has been regarded as one of the best for providing quality services to the inhabitants. One can contact the Navy Family Housing Office on 757-824-5381 for further details.  


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