Established during the World War I, Scott Air Force Base is situated in the St. Clair County of Illinois. It is in close proximity with Belleville and is about 32 kilometres from St. Louis. It is one of the most dynamic airbases of US as there are about 10 military organisations operating from it. One can get more information regarding the base by visiting the Scott AFB Newcomers Page.  

Cost Of Living: While comparing with the U.S. average, the cost of living in Belleville is about 19.82% less.

Automated Telephone Attendant Numbers: DSN 312-576-1110 or 618-256-1110

Base Population: Currently, the base is home to about 46,000 people comprising of about 5451 active duty personnel and about 23000 retired veterans. The count of family members goes up to 9058 whereas the civilian strength is 4225. Moreover, there are about 2343 Reservists or guard members and 2400 contractors working at the base.  

City/Area population: The cumulative strength of the Belleville area is reported be 44,118.

Child Development Centers:  The base has two Child Development Centers (CDC) which provide homely care to children between the ages of 6 weeks and five years. They offer hourly and full time care, both. One of the centres is at Building 1805 and can be contacted on 618-256-2375 whereas the other one is located inside Building 1807 and can be reached via 618-256-2669. One can also visit 375th Force Support website for further queries. In addition to the CDCs, the base has about 30 Family Child Care homes which can be reached through 618-256-8156/8047.

Children staying at the base study at District 19 Mascoutah Community Unit School. Moreover, there are about 32 schools in the nearby district.  

Youth Programs: The base has one youth recreation facility in Patriots Landing society. It provides gym services and computer facility. It also has a rock climbing wall for adventure, and a snacks bar. The base also has a multipurpose centre, called “The Neighbourhood” which offer recreational activities ranging from art & craft to scientific adventures and other games. One can contact 618-744-9862 for further details.  

Airman and Family Readiness Center: Please call 618-256-8668 or visit Airman and Family Readiness Center for more information.

Employment: Though, there is no acute dearth of employment in the region, but still the employment opportunities have taken a knock due to change in the industrial scenario of the country. The IT sector as well as the pharmaceutical industry provide the hotspot for employment. Belleville has an unemployment rate of 10% as compared to the rest of the US whereas the average household income is reported to be $39,447.    

Base Services:   The base provides numerous recreation services. It boasts of a golf course, swimming pool, bowling club a tennis court and a theatre. Apart from these, one can enjoy fishing and camping as well.

The base has one Regions Bank and one Scott Credit Union for financial assistance. It also has one Commissary and one Exchange system. One can contact the commissary at 618-256-5711, whereas the Exchange System can be contacted at 618-744-9830.

Medical Services:  The 375th Medical Group is in charge of providing medical support to the units in the camp. One can register for appointment by calling on 618-256-WELL-9355.

Apart from the clinic in the camp, Belleville has two hospitals in close proximity to the base. The St Elizabeth's Hospital is situated at 211 S 3rd St. Belleville and can be contacted at 618-234-2120 whereas the Belleville Memorial Hospital is positioned at 4500 Memorial Drive, Belleville. Its contact no is 618-233-7750.


Launched in 1917, the base was named as Scott Air Field after Corporal Frank S. Scott. The field was used as a training ground for the new recruits and also as a practice arena. In 1948, the name was changed to Scott Air Force Base. Over the period, it has served home to 11 commands and 19 military units.


Currently, the 375th Airlift Wing is in charge of operations at the Scott Air Force Base. It also serves the United States Transportation Command and the United States Army Surface Deployment and Distribution Command. There are about 30 tenant units working at the base such as Air Force Office of Special Investigations, the 932d Airlift Wing, and 126th Air Refuelling Wing etc.


 The Hunt Companies provide the private housing services. The Scott Family Society provides numerous leisure facilities in their community centres, most notably, swimming pools, parks conference rooms etc. One can contact the Housing Society at 618-746-4911 or can also call the Military Housing Referral Office at 618-744-9880-9882. Both the offices are situated at 4570 George Washington Drive in the premises of Patriots Landing.

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