Situated in Saratoga County is the Naval Support Activity Saratoga Springs. This county is amongst the most scenic counties in the state and most beautiful areas in the country.

Cost Of Living: The overall cost of living in New York is higher than the national average. Consumer prices in New York are 3.59% higher than the rest of the country. Rent prices in New York are 14.13% higher than the rest of the country.

Automated Telephone Attendant Numbers: 518-886-0200

Base Population: There are roughly 3000 active duty members on this base.

City/Area population: The total population of Saratoga Springs is 28,782.

Child Development Centers: There is a child development home program available on this base. This program provides childcare and family support in off base as well as on base housing units. Some of the services offered by this program include part day care, before and after school care, extended hour’s care and a variety of other services. The services are offered for children whose ages range between 6 weeks to 12 years. The childcare providers are well-trained professionals who have received training in child abuse and prevention, safety and fire emergency evacuation procedures, food sanitation, nutrition, child and growth development and several other important areas. For more information please contact: Phone 518-886-0200 x146.

Youth Programs: There is no youth center available on this base. However there is a range of recreational and sports activities provided by the More, Welfare and Recreation Department (MWR) that can be accessed by the youth. For more information please contact MWR Phone 518-886-0200 x146.  

Airman and Family Readiness Center: Phone 518-886-0200 x142

Employment: Job opportunities are available in the area for military spouses. Majority of the job positions are available in the health services, education and hi-tech industries. The average rate of unemployment in the area is 5.6% and the average household income in the area is US$ 62,766. The Fleet and Family Support Center has all the necessary information about available job opportunities and other employment related information. Please contact Phone 518-886-0200 x142.

Base Services: The base services on this base include MWR Facilities, a Navy Federal Credit Union, a commissary, and Exchange system.

Medical Services: There is a Naval Branch Health Clinic that is available on this base that provides a variety of medical services for military personnel and their family members. The Naval Health Clinic provides primary health care. The clinic is an excellent and well-equipped facility that provides excellent medical care and services for military personnel. Besides this there is also a Dental Branch Clinic (518-583-5300) on base that provides dental services and oral care to patients. Besides these 2 clinics, medical care and services on and around this base are very limited. TRICARE enrollment is compulsory for all military personnel and their family members in order to avail of medical services. All special care needs are redirected to civilian hospitals or military hospitals. For more medical services related information please contact Phone 518-583-5300


In the year 1999 Naval Administrative Unit Scotia, NY was moved and re-designated as the Naval Support Unit Saratoga Springs. On the 1st of October 2010, this unit was officially re-designated once again and came to be known as the Naval Support Activity Saratoga Springs.  


  • Customer Service Detachment (CSD), Saratoga Spring
  • Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS), Albany
  • Naval Branch Health Clinic, Saratoga Springs
  • Naval Support Activity, Saratoga Springs
  • Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC), Schenectady
  • Nuclear Power Training Unit (NPTU), Ballston Spa
  • Stratton Air National Guard 109th, Scotia


Housing on this base is a public private venture that is handled by Balfour Beatty Communities (BBC). BBC takes care of constructions, repairs, renovations and maintenance of base housing. There are over 150 government-housing units available for this base. Privatized housing consists of 3 bedroom town houses or 2 bedroom apartments. Besides this a military officer and his family can also chose to live in the local community. Numerous rental apartments are available in the local community. The housing referral office has all the necessary information about non-government housing. For more housing related information please contact: Phone 518-886-0200 x146.

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