The San Joaquin Depot Joint Operations center is situated at a distance of 19 miles from South Stockton. The strategic distribution platform of the DLA is DDJC. The installation is easily accessible and is surrounded by rail transportation networks, interstates and waterways. The main mission of this installation is to store, ship and receive government owned equipment and supplies to military customers in the Pacific as well as the western part of the United States. The installation also has the capacity to ship equipment internationally.

Cost Of Living: The cost of living in California is 36% higher than the overall cost of living in the United States. The goods and services index is 7% higher in California. The groceries index is 17% higher in California and the housing index is a whooping 89% higher. Transportation costs are 10% higher and utilities costs are 8% higher.

Automated Telephone Attendant Numbers: 209-839-4000

Base Population: The total military population on base is 1500.

City/Area Population: The total population of Lathrop is 10445, the total population of Stockton – 243771 and the total population of Tracy - 56929

Child Development Centers: The child care services and programs available on this base are very limited. The center provides services for children between the ages of 6 weeks to 5 years. There are certified providers living in state-licensed homes that provide family child care services for children of military personnel. The childcare arrangements provided include weekend care, night care and hourly care. All the providers providing family child care services are certified by the Department of Defense. There is also available school age care program that provides care for children in Kindergarten until they reach the age of 12. This programs provides after and before school care, care during summer vacations and during holidays.

Youth Programs: There is no youth center available on base.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: Family support program & family support center - 209-839-4792.

Employment: At the moment, family member employment assistance is not provided on this base. For military spouses to avail of a job they must contact DLA Life Connections at 888-604-9565. There are federal employment positions available at the human resources office 717-770-6112.

Base Services:

The only base services that are available on the post are MWR facilities but even there facilities are limited. They include a fitness center and other standard activities.

Medical Services:

No medical or dental facilities are available on base. TRICARE west provides medical care and services for military personnel and their family members.


During World War 2, America’s huge military build up required quick and easy procurement of supplies and ammunition. This requirement led to the creation of the DLA. Procurement of clothing, medical supplies, petroleum products and other commodities required more extensive coordination.

In the year 1955 the Hoover Commission made a recommendation to introduce uniform financial management practices and also to centralize the management of military logistics support. The commission also recommended that a separate civilian unit also be created alongside of the Department of Defense to monitor all military services activities and supplies. In the year 1977 the Defense supply agency’s name was changed to Defense Logistics Agency.

Over the next decade the agency continued to aggressively expand and change its missions. In the year 1988 the agency took responsibility of managing the stockpile of the nation’s strategic materials. Over the last 10 years, the agency has provided international relief to natural disaster struck areas of the world. The DLA provided support to South Asia in 2004 when a massive tsunami struck.

Further the DLA went on the provide Pakistan, India and Afghanistan support when an earthquake of 7.6 magnitude has struck Kashmir. The DLA also provided humanitarian support to Haiti when a deadly earthquake had struck. Besides the international relief support that the DLA provides, it also provides support during domestic disasters such as the wildfires in California and hurricanes.


  •        DLA Troop Support
  •        DLA Disposition Services
  •        DLA Logistics Information Service
  •        DLA Land and Maritime
  •        DLA Energy
  •        DLA Strategic Materials
  •        5.1 Defense Logistics Agency Police Department


There is no leased military housing or government owned housing unit available for this base.

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