Robins Air Force Base is situated in the middle of Georgia and it is about a hundred miles from the southern parts of Atlanta and about sixteen miles from southern Macon. It is the biggest industrial complex in the state of Georgia. It covers about 6,934 acres of land that includes the largest runway of Georgia.

Cost of Living: The cost of living in the area is about 12.5% lower than the average cost of living in the United States.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 478 926 113 or DSN 312 468 1113.

Base Population: There are more than twenty five thousand contractors, DoD civilian and military members living in the area.

City/Area Population: The population in Macon is 89,981 while the population in Warner Robins is about 72,531.

Child Development Centers: There are two Child Development Centers at the base which provide with child care to children between the age group of six weeks to five years. They provide with after hours, full day, and hourly as well as before and after school care. The contact number is 478 926 3080.

Youth Programs: The Youth and Teen Activity Centers at the Robins AFB have several programs for the youth between the age group of fifteen to eighteen. The youth centre comes with a giant game room that has a gym, a big screen television and a computer lab. A number of activities are offered for the youth for participating in carnivals, dances, fishing, and camping as well as swimming parties. The contact number is 478 926 2110.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 478-926-1256

Employment: It is the biggest industrial complex in the state of Georgia. It employees more than 21,000 civilians and the rate of unemployment in the area is about 7.3%. The median income of the household is about $46,250 as checked in 2012.

Base Services:

The base services in the area include the force support squadron which comes with facilities such as the arts and crafts, library, eateries and clubs, wood hobby, bowling, auto hobby, theatre, recreation center, swimming, tennis, gyms, golf, camping, outdoor activities, stables and fishing. There is one commissary at the base as well as an exchange and a shoppette. The SunTrust Bank and the Robins Federal Credit Union serves as the financial institutions for the base.

Medical Services: The base has the 78th Medical Group which provides with medical care to the members as well as their families. The contact number to the appointment desk is 478 327 7850. However, there is no emergency service available at the 78th Medical Group. The Houston County Medical Center provides with ambulance service from seven in the morning to six in the evening from Monday to Friday.


The War Department, who were looking for a site for the Army Air Corps Depot chose the town of Wellston, Georgia which is about fifteen miles from Macon. Army Colonel Charles Thomas came down to Herbert Smart Airport in the year 1941 for overseeing the location which was later known as the Wellston Air Depot. He chose the name "Robins" after his mentor General Augustine Warner Robins. The number of constructions at the base reached to 2,200 in 1941 after the attack on the Pearl Harbor. The project was enlarged by the Army as they purchased 2,637 acres more and leased an additional 782 acres for training troops. The number of workers at the site was 6,600 in 1942. During the Second World War more than 23,670 employees were recruited for repairing all AAF aircrafts that included P-51s, P-47s, B-24s, and P-38s etc. The facilities of training turned out about 60,000 mechanics for the war theaters. Apart from supply and maintenance, the base also trained personnel of aviation support.


The major units at the area include the 78th Mission Support Group, the 78th Medical Group, the 78th Civil Engineer Group, the 78th Security Forces Squadron, the 78th Operations Support Squadron, the 78th Comptroller Squadron and the 78th Communications Directorate, the 330th Aircraft Sustainment Group, the 560th Aircraft Sustainment Group, the 580th Aircraft Sustainment Group, the 730th Aircraft Sustainment Group, the 830th Aircraft Sustainment Group and the 402nd Maintenance Group.


Facilities of housing are available off base as well as on base. The wait list may vary from two to three months and it is best to check with the official website for updates.

Photos Of The Base

Building 794 - Airman & Family Readiness Center

Welcome Center

Headquarters WR-ALC


AFRC Building 210

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