The Randolph Air Force Base is a part of the JBSA or the Joint Base San Antonio in San Antonio of the Bexar County. It is one of the largest cities in the US and is also regarded as the Military City USA. The JBSA is encompassed by the Lackland Air Force Base, the Fort Sam Houston and the Randolph. The base is home to the Brooke Army Medical Center. The primary mission of training at Lackland AFB is basic technical and military skills, English language as well technical training in Spanish for the allied countries. The Randolph AFB is situated in the northeastern part of the city and the has many headquarters that include the Air Education and Training, the Air Force Headquarters Recruiting Services and the Air Force Personnel Centre.

Cost of Living: The cost of living is about 90% while it is 100 for most of the major cities in the US.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 210-652-1110 or DSN 312-487-1110

Base Population: The total force population in the base is 15,942. 

Area/City population: As per 2013 census, Bexar County’s population stood at 1.8mn.

Child Development Center: There are two facilities of child care at the base. The main CDP or the Child Development Program provides with care for children between the age group of two to five years and is situated at Building 1072. The contact number is 210 652 4946.

Youth Programs: The Youth Program in the Randolph AFB provides with activities for the youth, which includes instructional programs for children between the age group of three to eighteen and open research programs for those in the age group of nine to eighteen. It has comprehensive programs all year through the year which come with the latest programs. Also, the program provides access to the latest games on the X-Box, PlayStation, arts and crafts, foosball, billiards, puzzles, volleyball, board games and several educational games. The program is also supported by a playground along with a softball field, a swimming pool, tennis courts, golf course, fitness centre and six basketball courts. The contact number is 210 652 3298.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 210 652 5321.

Employment: The economy of the Randolph AFB is quite diversified with focus on the health care, tourism, financial services, and the national defense. The city has also a huge military concentration, one of the largest in the country. Over 89,000 people are employed by the defense industry of San Antonio. One can also access employment at the Alamo Workforce Career Center. The contact number to the employment officials is 210 652 5273.

Base Services: The base services in the area include the Force Support Squadron that comes with facilities such as arts and crafts, auto hobby, library, bowling, theater, swimming, gym, recreation center, golf, camping, stables, camping and fishing, there is also a commissary at the base along with a mall, a shoppette and a large exchange. The Randolph Federal Credit Union and the Broadway Bank serve as the financial institutions of the

Medical Services: Outpatient medical services are provided by the 359th Medical Group to the active duty personnel as well as their family. Dependents may enroll with the United Concordia Dental Insurance. The Delta Dental Emergency Care is for the retirees. The Randolph Clinic, however, doesn’t provide any emergency care. Such care is available at the San Antonio Military Medical Center which was earlier known as the Brooke Army Medical Center.


The concept for building the Randolph AFB emerged after the passage at the United States Congress with the Air Corps Act in 1926. This act had the name Army Air Service changed to Army Air Corps. It led to the formation of two new positions of Brigadier General and also provided with expansion program of five years for under-strength Air Corps. Frank P. Lahm was among the officers who were given charge of the flying training. The Air Corps Training Center was established by General Lahm in the year 1926. The headquarters of the area was placed at the Duncan Field which is next to the Kelly Field in Texas. However, it did not take long for him to understand that facilities at the area were not enough for training. Major General Mason Patrick, the chief of Air Corps went to San Antonio and eventually recommended that a training arena should be built in the area in the year 1972.


The major units at the base include the 46th School Squadron, the 47th School Squadron, the 52nd School Squadron, the 53rd School Squadron, the Air Corps School of Aviation Medicine, the 43rd Basic Flying Training Squadron, the 44th Basic Flying Training Squadron, the 45th Basic Flying Training Squadron, the 734th Basic Flying Training Squadron, the 1052 Basic Flying Training Squadron, the 27th AAF Base Unit etc.


Off and on base housing facilities are available at the base. Availability depends on the waiting list.

Photos Of The Base

25th Air Force Headquarters, Lackland AFB

Air Force ISR Agency, Lackland AFB

Base Clinic Randolph AFB

Base Exchange, Lackland AFB

Child Development Center, Lackland AFB

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