Located in the city of Radford, in Virginia, the Radford Army Ammunition Plant Army Base is an Army base in charge of manufacturing gun and rocket propellants and explosives. The base is surrounded by a southwestern rural setting. This production complex spans 6,901 acres between the Montgomery and Pulaski Counties, 40 miles west of Roanoke. The ammunition production of Radford Army Ammunition Plant supports aircraft, air defense, tank, field artillery, Navy and missile weapons systems.

This facility is operated by BAE Systems, a defense and aerospace British company, which is an American subsidiary that is the sixth largest supplier to the US Department of Defense, and its sole supplier of TNT. This army base consists of two units that were originally conceived to be separate bases that eventually were combined into one after World War II. Even though, these are not contiguous facilities; one of the them is the 4,111-acre Radford Manufacturing Unit, near the city by this name, and the less known is a 2,840-acre facility named New River Storage Unit, which is situated next to the town of Dublin, which is part of the Blacksburg–Christiansburg–Radford Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Radford Army Ammunition Plant Army Base actually has several tenants including a fireworks manufacturer (Pyrotechniques by Grucci,) the New River Energetics,  Energy Conservation Training company, the Virginia Tech, and Carilion Wellness Center, among others. This facility also produces pyrotechnic and commercial explosives, besides weapons systems, providing storage to both commercial and federal businesses as well.

Cost of Living: Radford Virginia is considered extremely livable, ranked number 232 in Virginia, and number 7090 in America, its 76% livability score is based on the low cost of living, many local amenities, high graduation rates, and sunny weather. The cost of living in Radford is 15.2% less than the Virginia average, and 8.4% less than the national average.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: Call the Public Affairs office; (540) 731-5785, DSN: 231-5785, or (540) 731-5762 for general information and base operations.

Base Population: Radford Army Ammunition Plant Army Base population varies upon the manufacturing needs of the facility. During the last inspection of the plant in mid-2015, a population of 180 people was reported, with 8% of them from racial minorities.

City/Area Population: Radford Army Ammunition Plant encompasses two different counties that altogether make up the Blacksburg–Christiansburg–Radford Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA,) which was named the Top Metro of 2014 by Site Selection magazine. This MSA is also known as New River Valley and its estimated population is more than 180,000 people. However Radford as an independent city had 16,408 inhabitants according to the census in 2010.

Child Development Centers: Radford Army Ammunition Plant is a manufacturing army base, and therefore there is no Child Development Center within the installations, but you can find centers at Fort Eustis and Fort Belvoir. Some nearby elementary schools include Riverlawn Elementary School, situated 2.44 miles away from Radford, phone (540) 643-0748, and John N. Dalton Intermediate School, 3.59 miles from Radford, phone (540) 731-3651.

Youth Programs: There are no Youth Programs within the plant, but in the nearby cities.

Family Readiness Center: None reported for this army base; however, you can visit the army website to learn more about programs in your area at https://www.armyfrg.org/skins/frg/home.aspx.

Employment: Radford Army Ammunition Plant has employment opportunities from time to time, which are posted at the official homepage of United States Army Civilian Personnel and the USAjobs.gov website.

Base Services: This army base is a manufacturing and storage facility; there are no base services inside the facility, but at the closest cities.

History: The Radford Army Ammunition Plant was built by Hercules Powder Company in the early 1940’s to supply the ammunition required during World War II. Conceived as two separate units, this army base was renovated during the Korean War and underwent further expansion throughout the 1960’s.

This plant was renamed Radford Ordnance Plant in 1961, but the Radford Army Ammunition Plant name was set back to two years later. This facilitate has manufactured ammunition and explosives since, being at peak production during the different war times since its construction.

Units: Being an ammunition and explosives manufacturing facility, there are no units or troops stationed at Radford Army Ammunition Plant Army Base.

Housing: Radford Army Ammunition Plant has a family housing complex, colloquially referred to as "Staff Village."  This complex has 20 housing units for the use of military members regardless of their different services, who may take advantage of higher education for their children, since this housing complex is located near the universities and colleges in the surrounding area. For visitors or temporary personnel, there are lodging facilities in the MSA of Radford city.






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