Marine Corps Base Quantico or MCB Quantico is US Marine Corps installation in Triangle, Virginia. Spanning an area of 55,148 acres of the southern Prince William County, northern Stafford County and southeastern Fauquier County, MCB Quantico basically engages in the training purposes of US elite Marine Corps. The base is very close to some of the important locations in and around Virginia. The world’s largest museum complex, galleries, national zoo and the nation’s capitol are minutes away from the base due north. The breathtaking Appalachian Mountain, Shenandoah Valley and the Skyline Drive lies at the west of the base.

Cost Of Living: Pegged at 116.50 on the cost of living index, Quantico Virginia has considerably higher cost of living than the US average.

Automated Telephone Attendant Numbers: 703-784-2659

Base Population: The base houses a population of 6,560 active duty staffs, 3,460 family members, 1,227 students and 2,232 civilian employees.

City/Area Population: The state of Virginia has a huge population of over 8 million.

Child Development Centers: The Base runs many Child Development Centers under the Child Development Program to take care of the kids of working parents. Child care facility is typically available on the weekdays. The facility is meant for children in the 6 weeks to 5 years age group. The program is certified by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Each CDC takes care of about 200 children.

Youth Programs: Quantico Youth Services holds an affiliation from the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Aiming the age group of 6-18 years, the program offers services like sports and fitness, life skills, citizenship and leadership, recreational activities, mentoring, intervention and support. The Youth and Teen Center is located Purvis Road.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 703-784-2650, 703-784-2659

Employment: MCB Quantico offers excellent employment opportunities for the spouses of the working staffs in and around the premises. The jobs are offered b y the Federal, State and County Government in diverse areas like healthcare, finance and accounting, food and hospitality, industrial construction, IT etc. The average salary can range from $6.36 per hour to $23.34 per hour. Virginia Employment Commission, The Career Resource Management Center offers employment related assistance.

Base Services: The Base has exchanges for financial and bank related issues. Apart from this the base caters to the regular needs of the people through the commissary on the base. MWR Facility is also available on the base.

Medical Services: There is a Naval Health Clinic on the MCB Quantico Base that caters to the health needs of the people on the base. The healthcare runs the TRICARE Service Center which provides service on the walk in basis.


Quantico was acquired by the US Government in 1917. At that time, a base was urgently needed along the east coast to train the officers and the enlisted marines. At the time of establishment, the base was named Marine Corps School Quantico. Also knows as the ‘Crossroads of the Corps’, the base is the starting point of careers of all the marine officers in the United States. Thousands of marines are trained and educated on this base throughout the year. In 1968, the base was renamed as the Marine Corps Development and Education Command (MCDEC) showing the mission of educating the marines and conceptualizes development of new weapons. After 1987, the command is known as the Marine Corps Combat Development Command (MCCDC).


Some of the major units on the base are Command and Staff College (CSC), Expeditionary Warfare School (EWS), Marine Corps Air Facility, Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, Marine Corps University, Marine Corps War College, Security Battalion, naval Health Clinic, School of Advanced Warfighting, Marine Corps Air Facility (MCAF), Marine Corps Embassy Security Group, Marine Helicopter Squadron 1 (HMX – 1), Weapons Training Battalion (WTBN) etc.


Since October 01, 2003, the housing facility on the MCB Quantico is privatized. The housing on MCB Quantico is maintained by the Lincoln Military Housing. More houses are constructed on the base to accommodate the staffs. The quarters are diverse in shape, size and style. For on base housing, the staffs are supposed to contact 703-432-8500.





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