Situated just over a 100 miles away from San Francisco in beautiful California, is the Presidio Of Monterey Army base in the heart of Monterey County. The idea behind the setup of this army unit was to give strong support services. The POM further assists in promoting the wellbeing of all served elements and ensure mission ready military support services when needed.

Cost Of Living: The cost of living in Presidio, in comparison to all the major cities of the US, is almost 86% higher.

Automated Telephone Attendant Numbers: 312-768-5119 or 831-242-5119

Base Population: The current population on base is approximately 1590 civilians, 3284 students and 127 active duty personnel.

City/Area Population: The total population of County Monterey is approximately 31,450 citizens.

Child Development Centers: There is an excellent child development center program available for all children of army families. This center (The Monterey Road CDC) provides a variety of services that include, pre-school programming, infant school programming, partial day care, and full day care. For further enquiries please contact 831-583-1050.

There are also a total of 4 middles schools, 3 high schools and 11 elementary schools that are all run by the MPUSD (Monterey Peninsula Unified School District) for the children.

Youth Programs: The youth center is a newly constructed, state of the art unit. This center offers a variety of interesting events, activities and programs for children in their teens and pre-teens. Porter Youth Center offers recreational activities, sports, social classes, instructional classes plus school care. The contact number for the child development center is 831-242-7821.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 831-242-7660

Employment: The average household income of Monterey County is at an approximate of $69,229. The rate of unemployment is relatively high as compared to other parts of the country, and is pegged at a whopping 12.6%. The most significant employers in the area are Pebble Beach Company; Dole fresh Vegetables and the Community Hospital.

Base Services

The base services on post include the following: 1 commissary (the contact number is: 831-242-7676),  exchange system (1 small exchange system and 1 mall) and MWR Facilities (bowling, arts and crafts, fishing, camping and many other such fun and interesting recreational activities.

Medical Services: The quality of medical services available at this installation is regarded pretty highly. In totality, there are 3 available hospitals here that can provide health care for the beneficiaries. For bookings and appointments please contact: 831-242-5234/5663.


A musketry school was located at the Presidio from the years 1907 to the year 1913. Another school was then placed here for bakers and cooks from the years 1914-1917. Then the army bought another 15,809 acres of land as their maneuver area, across the bay. In 1939 this property gained the title Camp Ord, and within a years time it was renamed to Fort Ord. Cavalry and field artillery units were housed at the Presidio between the years 1919 to 1940. The commencement of World War 2 ended the days of horse cavalry and the troops left Monterey. The Presidio eventually served as the temporary headquarters and reception center of the III corps, which was ultimately deactivated in the year 1944.

The Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center In 1946, the Military Intelligence Service Language School (MISLS) was moved to the Presidio of Monterey. Further in 1976 the Defense Language institute was renamed once again to become the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center. Select government agencies and other branches of the Department of Defense are served by the Presidio. In 1946 Fort Ord closed and the Presidio became a separate installation with continued military areas of Fort Ord renamed to be Presidio Annex.


As such no unit deployments occur here. The Presidio only sends individuals on deployment. Upon request, in the area the Mobilization/Deployment Coordinator at Army Community Service provides pre-mobilization briefings to Reserves and Guard Units


All military housing in the Monterey County has been privatized by the Presidio. Six single service member units, 1300 enlisted family units and 190 officer family units are available. For more housing inquiries please contact: 831-644-0400

New house at Ord Military Community

Monterey Road Child Development Center

Fishermans Wharf

Point Pinos Lighthouse

New House with view

Typical Officer quarters on Ord Military Community

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