Situated in San Diego, California is the Naval Base Point Loma. The BRAC Status of this base has seen an increase of nearly 300 military as well as civilian personnel.

Cost Of Living: Living in California can be an extremely and alarmingly expensive proposition. Overall the cost of living in California is 51% higher than the national average. The grocery costs in California are 13.9% higher than the national average. The Health costs in California are 8% higher than the health costs in the rest of the United States.

Automated Telephone Attendant Numbers: DSN 312-553-1011 & 619-553-1011

Base Population: There is no exact information of the total population on this base. However this base is a home to over 70 tenant commands.

City/Area Population: The population in San Diego is 3,140,069.

Child Development Centers: The child development center available on this base provides a large variety of services and care for children ranging from ages 6 weeks to 5 years. Some of the services provided include full day care; part day care, hourly care and family child care programs. The staff members in the center have enterprising, interactive and pleasing personalities and they have numbers of years of experience in childcare. For more child care services related information please contact the CDC at: Phone 619-553-1011.

Youth Programs: There is an available youth center on base that provides a variety of interesting services for the youth. Some of the services provided by the center include a pre-teen program, teen program and youth employment skills. For more information please contact: Phone 619-556-8491.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 619-553-7505, DSN 312-553-750

Employment:  Employment opportunities are available in abundance in the San Diego Area. Job positions are available in the following industries: education, health and science, hi-tech and various others. The unemployment rate in San Diego is 10.1% and the average household income is US$ 60231. For more employment related information, please contact: Phone 619-553-7505. 

Base Services: This base has MWR facilities, pretty much on the line of base services available at every prominent US marine base. A commissary, an exchange system, an Armed Forces Bank and Point Loma Credit Union - all these are other important facets of base services at Point Loma Navy Base.

Medical Services: There is a Naval Medical Center that is available on this base that provides a variety of medical services for military personnel and their family members. The Naval Medical Center provides primary health care. The facility is a state of the art facility that provides excellent medical care and services for military personnel. Besides this there is also a Naval Dental Center (619-556-8240) on base that provides dental services and oral care to patients. TRICARE enrollment is compulsory for all military personnel and their family members in order to avail of medical services. For more medical services related information please contact Phone 619-524-4947 / 619-532-8225.


In order to meet downsizing requirements of the Navy, in the year 1995 numerous commands were decommissioned and their home-ports were changed. In order to facilitate equal or better base service while using a reduced budget Commands throughout San Diego were regionalized. On the 1st of October, The 6 naval installations on Point Loma were brought together to form the Naval Base Point Loma.


  • Comcmron Three - Mine Countermeasure Squadron Three
  • Space And Naval Warfare Systems Command Pacific
  • Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Department
  • Combined Bachelor Housing, Point Loma
  • Combined Bachelor Housing, ASW
  • Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Center
  • Submarine Maintenance Department
  • Tactical Training Group Pacific


Lincoln Military Housing owns the privatized family housing at Los Angeles Air Force Base. Single military personnel have to live in Billeting Enlisted Quarters. Military personnel looking to live in the local community can get the list of available rental housing units from the housing office. All military personnel who opt to live in a rental-housing unit have to compulsorily get renter’s insurance against fire, theft and other damages. The security deposit for unfurnished residential properties in California is often twice the cost of the overall rent. For more housing related information and queries please contact the Housing office at Phone 619-556-8443 / 619-556-7667.

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