The U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii (USAG-HI) is comprised of a series of military units, among which the Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA) occupies 133,000 acres, which is situated in north-central Hawaii's high plateau area, halfway Kawaihae Harbor (the army landing site) and Hilo, a census-designated place on the east coast of the island, that is the largest Hawaiian city nestled among Mauna Kea, Hualalai Volcanic Mountains, and the Mauna Loa volcano.

There is only one road to reach the PTA, the Saddle Road, which includes a hunting area with check points at markers because there are endangered species inhabiting this area. So, while this area is open to the public only bow hunting of goats and pigs is allowed on designated days and hours, with a limit of one goat and one pig per hunter. The mild climate of the island and the strategic location of Pohakuloa Training Center Army at 6,800 feet above sea level and with an elevation up to 9,000, allow training maneuvers all year round, including artillery fire.

The PTA serves as a training facility for the Navy, Army, Air Force and Marine units to get prepared for war and keep their readiness at any other circumstance. Pohakuloa Training Area is also a leading army facility when it comes to environmental matters in the Pacific, along with over 50 environmentalists working as PTA Natural and Cultural Resources staff in charge of protection and preservation of threatened and endangered flora and fauna in this region.

Cost of Living: The cost of living in the nearby city of Hilo is 14.6% less than the average cost of living in Hawaii. However the cost of living in this census designated place in 51.9% greater than the national average. Even though, military staff is authorized 6.24% cost of living allowance on Hilo's PTA, and 12.25% cost of living allowance on O'ahu and salary includes applicable locality pay. Cost of living allowance is subject to change as of September 2015.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: Dial (808) 449-7110. Public Affairs Office attends at (808) 969-2411. Administrative Office phone number is (808) 969-2401.

Base Population: Pohakuloa Training Center supports up to 2,300 military personnel, including rations, fuel, ice and transportation. As of April 2015, there were 8 army military, 119 army civilians, 89 contractors, 14 military family members, 30 other civilians, and 235 other military for a total population of 495.

City/Area Population: The population in Hilo was 43,263 as of the census in 2010, being the largest city, settlement and county seat of the County of Hawaii, in a 58.4 square miles surface in which 7.10% is water. Hilo is also the oldest city in the Hawaiian archipelago, and therefore an important tourist destination as well.

Child Development Centers: There are six Child Development Centers and four School Age Centers within the U.S. Army Garrison-Hawaii. For more information you can call 808-449-7110, which will direct you to the correct office.

Youth Programs: Pohakuloa Training Center Army has four Middle School/Teen Centers, and two YMCAs Armed Services, also in the perimeter of USAG-HI. For more information you can call 808-449-7110, which will direct you to the correct office.

Family Readiness Center: There are over a hundred family readiness and support program and services for soldiers and their families. For more information you can call 808-449-7110, which will direct you to the correct office.

Employment: Job opportunities are commonly found through federal employment services. For more information you can call 808-449-7110, which will direct you to the correct office.

Base Services: The PTA has a cantonment area also providing task-force headquarters, fuel yard, a troop medical clinic, dining facilities, and a theater. There are also police and fire departments, a 3,700-foot runway airfield, fuel yard, and the only Quonset-hut chapel in the Army.

History: First used as a Marine Corps artillery training area during World War II, by the end of this, Pohakuloa Training Center fell in the hands of Hawaii Territorial Guard until the mid-1950s, when the Army took control of this facility to preserve it as a training facility, starting the construction of the characteristic Quonset huts that distinguish this center from others.

From then onward, Pohakuloa Training Center Army North Central Hawaii has served as a premier military training facility, honoring the command team motto; "Sustain, Support, and Defend."

Units: There are no units or troops stationed at Pohakuloa Training Center Army.

Housing: The metal barracks known as Quonset huts were built with materials prefabricated building that existed during World War II, and are exclusive for military staff and families. Even though, there are housing facilities in Hilo, mainly vacation rentals and apartments.






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