The Pine Bluff Arsenal (PBA) is stationed in southeast Arkansas, in Pine Bluff region. Situated in the southeastern direction from Little Rock, 35 miles away lies this installation. The principal goal of the PBA revolves around conventional materiel, scientific and engineering assistance, chemical biological resistance, mechanized and movable system aid. This tiny installation works towards the objective of the Department of Defense of establishing peace. The Pine Bluff Arsenal Army Base, AR has monopoly over certain products and service which it aids to the U.S and the Allied forces. It renders exclusive training and strategic advance to the Department of Homeland Security and the American Red Cross.

Cost of Living: The cost of Living of the Pine Bluff Arsenal is 19.2% less than the U.S average.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 870-540-3000; DSN 312-966-3000

Base Population: The population size of the Pine Bluff Arsenal Army Base comprises mainly of DOD noncombatants.

City/Area Population: 187,452

Child Development Centers:  The child Development Center in the Pine Bluff Army Base is equipped with ultra-modern facilities. The center was provided with National Accreditation from the National Association for the Education of Young Children. The child care center is entitled to provide care for the ones belonging to the age group of infant to preschool. Special workers are allotted for providing such service. The child care program especially looks forward to help the children grow socially, physically, and mentally.

Youth Programs: The Pine Bluff Arsenal Child Youth and School have evolved radically with time. With the increasing number of children, the program made provision for the inclusion of a new facility in July 2012. It helps the youth learn cooking by offering a tryout kitchen. It also has developed its gym to facilitate the children. For the ones belonging to 5 years and 12 years, School Age Care provides assistance and Middle School/Teen Program for the 12 years to 18 years youth. To contact: 870-540-2972.

Airman and Family Readiness number: 870-540-3217; 870-540-3588.

Employment: The Pine Bluff region has an unemployment rate of 7.3% where the average household income is $40,112. Employment opportunities are numbered in terms of variety and salary. The opportunities are more pronounced in the State Capital, which is a 45 minute drive away from here.

Base Services:

  • Financial Facilities: 870-540-2441 (Credit Union).
  • MWR Facilities: The entertainment programs include boating, Fitness clubs, gym and other outdoor activities.
  • There is no availability of exchange system here.

Medical Services: The US Army Health Clinic provides the primary medical aid to the armed officials, their family members and civil workers. The Industrial Hygiene Services and Occupational Health Services are also lodged in the same building 13-020 as the Health Clinic, for advancing health care. In order to know more dial 870-540-3409.


Pine Bluff Arsenal originated in November, 1941 with the primary goal to yield combustible armaments like bombs and missiles. The goal was rapidly proliferated to produce, load and accumulate the war gases. They also started to manufacture and depot the pyrotechnic, white phosphorus and other such ammunition to control any case of uproar. In 1978 the PBA successfully completed the installation of a multi-furnace heating compound. It also completed the processing of the dumping ground for perilous waste in 1983. This was one of the first licensed landfill.  Following this, the PBA initialized the waste managing and demobilization forum. The PBA was nominated for the Binary Chemical Munitions disposition of BZ which is an obsolete chemical factor. The dumping of such compounds was initialized in 1980 and was operational for a decade.


The units housed in Pine Bluff Arsenal Army Base include the Tech Escort and US Army Health Clinic.


The number of single family accommodations is limited in the PBA army installation. The Army Community Service and Housing office work together to preserve an updated list of the housing units situated in the neighborhood.  The Arsenal dwellings have lately experienced renovations majorly of its family apartments. This reconstruction has resulted into 5 family housing complexes which are nominated for the field grade officials only. The two-tier dwellings available here are composed of 4 bedrooms and 3 washrooms.

Child & Youth Services - Front Desk

 Family Housing at Pine Bluff Arsenal

Child & Youth Services

Army Community Service

 Child Abuse Awareness Walk/Run

Delta Rivers Nature Center

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