Nestled very close to the scenic east coast of central Florida, Patrick Air Force Base falls in between Satellite Beach and Cocoa Beach in the Brevard County in Florida. The base is known as the citadel of the 45th Space Wing. Originally operated as a Naval Station between 1940 to 1947, the base came into the Air Force Command in 1948 after it was deactivated as the Naval Station in 1947. The base is a census designated place.

Cost Of Living: With a point of 98.70 on the cost of living index, Florida seems to be marginally cheaper than the US average cost of living rate.

Automated Telephone Attendant Numbers: 321-494-1110

Base Population: The Patrick Base houses a huge population comprising 3,648 active duty staffs which include guards and reservists, 9,914 civilians and 4,087 contractors.

City/Area Population: The population status of Brevard County is recorded to be around 441,335.

Child Development Centers: The Child Development Center offers services for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years. Full day care, hourly care and kindergarten care is provided in this center. The base also runs a Family Child Care program under which Family Child Care homes are constructed on the base. In-house care is also provided for infants. The programs offered on the base are certified by DoD.

Youth Programs: Opening at early 6:30 in the morning, the youth center on the base takes care of young school going children. The center has amenities like theater and air conditioned gymnasium.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 321-494-5676, 321-494-5675

Employment: Since the Kennedy Space Center is very close to the Brevard County, ample job opportunities can be found with Lockheed Martin Space Organization, Rockwell Collins and United Alliance. Another important industry in the Brevard County is tourism which employs numerous people in the area. With ample employment options, Brevard County has an unemployment rate of just 5.7%.

Base Services: The Space Coast Federal Credit Union is responsible for all monetary and finance related solutions. The base also has an exchange, a large commissary and a mini mall. The recreational facilities on the base are provided by the Force Support Squadron, and include bowling, camping, fishing, outdoor activities etc.

Medical Services: Emergency and super specialized medical services are not available on the Patrick Air Force Base. The clinic run by the 45th Medical Group provides general medical treatment to the members residing on the base. Other services like Pediatrics, Flight Medicine, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Physiotherapy, Orthopedics are also provided by the 45th Medical Group.


Patrick Air Base was originally opened on 1940 as naval airfield by the name of Naval Air Station Banana River. The base was deactivated in 1947 and till 1948 the base was put on caretaker status. It was after this period that it was transferred to the air force and subsequently the Patrick Air Base came into existence. The air base is widely regarded as the world’s gateway to the space as it is the home of the 45th Space Wing. The base usually provides launching ground for major space missions and ensures combat capabilities of US. The 45th Space Wing has three operating airfields under its wing. It also maintains billions of dollars used for instrumentation and infrastructure for its eastern range which runs for 15 miles. Apart from this, the Patrick Base has around 39 other geographically far off units under its umbrella.


The prominent units operating on the Patrick Air Base are 39th Rescue Squadron, 45 Aeromedical Dental Squadron, 45 Aerospace Medicine Squadron,  45 Civil Engineering Squadron, 45 Comptroller Squadron, 45 Contracting Squadron, 45 Medical Group, 45 Launch Group, 45 Medical Support Squadron, 45 Mission Support Group, 45 Security Forces Squadron, 45 Operations Group, 45 Space Wing, 45th Range Management Squadron, Air Force Technical Application Center, Naval Ordinance Test Unit etc.


The Air Force Housing website provides relevant information about housing facilities available on the base. The enlisted officers and airmen who are coming to join the base with their family are advised to get in touch with the housing office on the base as early as possible.

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