The Offutt Air Force Base is situated about ten miles from the southern parts of downtown Omaha in Nebraska’s Bellevue region. It is about six miles from the Interstate 80 and it is home to the 55th wing which is also known as the Fightin’ Fifty-fifth. The wing is the largest when it comes to Air Combat Command and second largest as far as Sir Force is concerned. The community is quite beautiful with rolling hills and of the south-eastern Missouri and the fine Missouri River surrounding it.

Cost of Living: The cost of living at the Bellevue area is lower than average US areas by as much as 18.39%.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 402-294-1110, or DSN 312-271-1110

Base Population: There are about 8,855 military personnel living in the base with 9,744 dependants. There are also 2,957 DoD Civilians along with 1,742 other civilians.

City/Area Population: The population in Omaha metro is about 829,890 and in Bellevue it is about 53,663.

Child Development Centres: The base had two centres of child development that provide services to children between the age group of six weeks to five years. The programs have full as well as hourly day care. The contact number to the centre is 402-294-2203 (CDC 1) or 402-232-2527 (CDC 2).

Youth Services: Activities are provided by the Youth Program at the base in three categories which are the Junior, Pre Teen and the Teen. The centre comes with a facility that is as big as twenty seven thousand square feet with two gymnasiums, snack bar, computer labs and many more. The contact number is 402-294-5152

Airman and Family Readiness Centre: 402-294-4329

Employment: There are quite a number of job opportunities in the economic area that surrounds the base. One of the best employers is the area of Omaha and the jobs opportunities may range from senior management to high tech specialists to manual labourers. There are plenty of jobs for civilians on the base which makes it a comfortable place to live. The rate of unemployment is just about 4.5% and the median income of the household is $65,611.

Base Services:

The base services in the area include the support services squadron which comes with auto hobby, golf, arts and craft, recreation centre, swimming, gym, outdoor activities, fishing, camping, stables as well as tennis. The base also has a large size commissary and the contact number of it is 402-294-6782. The exchange system comes with a mini mall along with shoppettes. The Credit Union, SAC Federal serves as the financial institution for the base.

Medical Services: Medical services are provided by the Ehrling Bergquist Clinic for the eligible beneficiaries who are enrolled with the TRICARE Prime. Other beneficiaries are seen by the centre on a basis of space availability. However, the clinic does not have any emergency service. For appointments, you can call 402 232 2273.


The base has played a very important role in the history of American military for the last century. It had lots beginning in the nineteenth century as the Fort Crook. It was in the year 1924 that the airfield part of the Fort Cook was designated as the Offutt Field. Back in 1890, Offutt was commissioned by the War Department. At first, the fort would be used for managing Indian conflicts at the Great Plains.


The units of the base include the 55th Wing which has the mission of providing with surveillance, intelligence, electronic attack and reconnaissance. Then there are units such as the 38th Reconnaissance Squadron, the 1st Airborne Command and Control Squadron, the 45th Reconnaissance Squadron, the 343rd Reconnaissance Squadron etc.


The facility of family housing is privatised and it is managed by the Rising View. There are three areas of housing in the region. One of them is the Capehart Housing which is about a couple of miles from the base. Then, there is the Coffman Heights Housing which has a wide variety of housing facilities. It provides housing facilities to the Senior and junior NCOs as well as the company grade officers and the field grade officers. The third housing facility at the base is the Fort Crook Historic Housing.

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