Spread over approximately 11,000 acres of mostly wooded land, Naval Weapons Station Earle is among the most beautiful and serene naval installations located in the U.S.A. The station is divided into two parts. The main complex, located in parts of Colts Neck Township, Wall Township, Howell Township and Tinton Falls, is situated within a respectable community of orchards, country estates and horse farms. The waterfront complex is located at a distance of merely 14 miles in Sandy Hook Bay, on the fringes of the New York harbour and the Atlantic Ocean.

Cost of Living: The living expenses at Naval Weapons Station Earle are quite higher than the U.S. average, estimated at 25% higher than US average.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 732-866-2500

Base Population: The population of Naval Station Earle is composed of nearly 2,000 military personnel and their families as well as about 400 civilian employees from the Department of Defence.

City/Area Population: The population of Cols Neck, New Jersey and its surrounding areas, according to the most recent census, is 10,091

Child Development Centres: The Child Development Centre on Naval Weapon Station Earle is quipped to provide full day as well as hourly care for children in between the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years. For further information please contact the Child Development Centre at 732-866-2518.

Youth Programs: The Morale, Welfare and Recreation Department at Naval Weapons Station Earle is quite active and always has many interesting programs and activities that keeps the military children active and entertained. The Youth Programs also provide care for children between the ages of 5 years and 12 years.

Fleet and Family Support Centre: FFSC 732-866-2115, DSN 312-449-2115

Employment: Naval Weapons Station Earle has more than 400 civilian employees in clerical, industrial, administrative, law enforcement fields. The average household income is approximately $131,734 in contrast to the 8.10% unemployment rate.

Base Services: Services on the base include an exchange system and MWR facilities

Medical Services: There is a Naval Health Clinic on base that provides general medical and dental care. For more information please contact 732-866-2300.


During the Second World War the need arose for an ammunition depot near the greater New York Metropolitan area but at a sufficient distance from highly populated sectors. Plans for a new depot sped up in 1943 after the SS El Estero caught fire whilst docked in Bayonne, New Jersey. The fire did not spread to the explosives in the cargo hold otherwise the resulting explosion would have damaged parts of Bayonne and most likely Lower Manhattan. Sandy Hook Bay was chosen as a suitable site, for it was safe and secured and had a nearby port where ships could stock up on ammunition. The surrounding area was a rural area with a good rail network which was put to use in bringing ammunition to the dock.

In August 1943 construction was started on Naval Ammunition Depot Earle, the base was named after Rear Admiral Ralph Earle, the chief of the Bureau of Ordnance during the First World War. The depot began operating from December 1943.

The most distinguishing feature of Naval Ammunition Depot Earle is the 2.9 mile pier stretching out towards Sandy Hook Bay, a safe ammunition loading zone for naval vessels, away from populated areas. Earle continued to develop exponentially after the Second World War, matching step with the ever growing needs of the Navy. The depot was renamed as Naval Station Earle in 1974.

Naval Weapons Station Earle operates an enormous storage facility to provide assistance to the Navy, the Marine Corps and the Coast Guard as well as meet the Department of Defence requirement for standard ammunition and provide support to Homeland Security.


Major units at the base include Marine Corps Recruiting Station, Naval Reserve Center Earle, Naval Weapons Station Earle, Navy Munitions Command, and United States Naval Ship Artic (AOE-8).


At Naval Weapons Station Earle, there are 6 Senor Officer 3 bedroom units, enlisted 2-4 bedroom town-homes, and 128 Junior Officer Accommodations. Depending on bedroom entitlement and pay scale of the officer, the pay scales tend to vary. Please contact the Family Housing Welcome Center to get more information on waiting periods and allocations.


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