Naval Medical Center is located in San Diego, California. The facility is currently under the leadership of Rear Admiral C. Forrest Faison III. The medical facility is what they call “The Pride of Navy Medicine”.  As it has played an important role in San Diego’s history for over 80 years. With its excellent medicinal care for both military and civilian patients, the Medical Center also has a wide variety of services to be able to assists their patients. The Naval Medical Center is known for their excellent service and medical assistance to those in need. The Medical Center in San Diego has successfully established itself as a leader in the world of medicine. Even up till today, that reputation for excellence continuous.

Cost of Living: 43.6% greater than the US average

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: (619) 532-6400

Base Population: 6, 200

City/Area Population: 3,263,431

Child Development Centers:

  Child Development Center

Address: 34800 Bob Wilson Drive

Telephone Number: (619) 532-7977

 Child Care Development Center

Address: 6205 College Grove Way, San Diego CA 92115

Telephone number: (619) 265-2115

   Patrick Wade Child Development Center

Address: 2843 Hornet Way, San Diego, CA 92106

Telephone number: (619) 222-3400

Youth Programs:

   Social Advocates for Youth

Address: 4275 El Cajon Boulevard San Diego, CA 92105

Telephone number: (619) 283-9624

    Promise 2 Kids

Address: 9400 Ruffin Court, Suite A, San Diego, CA 92123

Telephone Number: (858) 278-4400

  YMCA of San Diego County

Address: 3708 Ruffin Road San Diego, CA 92123

Telephone Number: (858) 282-9622

Airman and Family Readiness Center:

  Fleet and Family Support Center

Address: 3005 Corbina Alley Buildings 259 & 263 San Diego, CA

Telephone Number: (619) 556-7404

Employment: Employment rate of the center is on the average

Base Services:

  Main Base Fitness Center

Address: Building 1, Kephart Rd. San Diego, CA 92106

Telephone Number: (619) 553-7552

Medical Services: the facility provides all the medical needs of both military and civilian personnel


In 1917, Naval Medical Center San Diego has started as a tent dispensary. Its primary mission is to remain constant in providing the finest medical care in a family-centered care environment and to the operational forces. They also extend their care to the families of the soldiers and to those who have served the country in the past. The medical center comes from one of the many military installations in California. Among the other medical facility, Naval Medical Center is one of the most complete in its facilities and takes advantage to the benefits provided by some of the latest technologies in the modern medical world.

Naval Medical Center is more than just a basic medical clinic as it hosts a school and a few laboratories for drug screening operations. The Medical center is considered as the superior among its other branch clinic that is located in California and other places. Most of this branches are ambulatory. The superior command it represents to its many other branches is due to its impressive technological improvement in the site.

According to the US Navy, Naval Medical Center is not just the largest and widest center in the country but also one with some of the most advanced and impressive medical technologies in site. With this, the facility has a tight collaboration with some of the major names in California. Such institution like a local University in California, a local hospital for childcare or La Jolla and the Scripps clinic has an ongoing collaboration with the center.

One of the Naval Medical Center’s main objectives is to provide support in medical care not only to all the military troops that needs help but also includes their families, civilian workers or contractors that is located in the nearby bases and those who are retired from active duty. The clinic also provides support mission abroad as the center is always ready to deploy doctors and other medical personnel in places that are in need. The installations success is given by the advanced technologies that are only achieved by the constant urged of its staff to improve.


The center is the house for some major teaching and research center. They have a large amount of trainees in the medicine and operate in the military areas. The clinic also houses a large amount of doctors and other medicine personnel that can be deployed anytime to countries that are in need of medical attention. The research facility of the Medical Center provides reliable information.


The military housing of Naval Medical Center San Diego is privatized. With the 9,135 homes that are available within the 48 communities. There are many available houses around and near the facility that are for rent and for sale that can choose from.

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