Naval Base Coronado is a 57,000-acre military installation spanning from San Clemente Island to Camp Morena and La Posta Mountain Warfare Training Facility, located 70/60 miles to the west and east of San Diego California. Naval Base Coronado is ground station for expeditionary and special warfare operations and training along the West Coast, which is also in charge to arm, provision, repair and provide support and service to the U.S. Pacific Fleet and other operating forces in the region. Naval Base Coronado is one of the main shore Commands, which has over 100 tenants, 27 of these directly under the commanding officer.

This Navy base is a military consortium that consolidates eight different facilities in its territory which include the  Naval Auxiliary Landing Field,  Coronado (NAB),  Remote Training Site,Coronado (NASNI), Naval Outlying Landing Field,  Base, La Posta; Camp Morena, La Posta and the Warner Springs (RTSWS); Camp Michael Monsoor Mountain Warfare Training Center,  Coronado (SSTC), San Clemente Island (NALF SCI),  Naval Amphibious and Silver Strand Training Complex, Imperial Beach (NOLF IB) and  Naval Air Station North Island.

Cost of Living: The cost of living in San Diego is pricey if compared with the cost of living in the United States, up to 30% higher than the national average. Even though the cost of living in this city is similar to the average in most major cities in California.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: Naval Base Coronado's Base Operator telephone number, (619) 545-1011

Base Population: The population of Naval Base Colorado includes 27,000 military staff and civilians.

City/Area Population: San Diego, the closest city to Naval Base Coronado, has a population of 1,381,069 living in the city and 2,956,746 in the urban area, for a total of 3,095,313 in the San Diego metropolitan area.

Child Development Centers: Naval Base Coronado has Child Development Homes and Children Development Centers, aside from grade schools surrounding the Navy base area. Information on education for children can be obtained calling by 855-696-2934, or visiting

Youth Programs: This Navy installation has a variety of Youth and Teen Programs and School-Age Care Programs running in the San Diego metropolitan area. For information call  858-268-2828.

Family Readiness Center: Family-oriented programs and workshops are available throughout the Naval Base Coronado Fleet and Family Support Center, just call  at 619-545-6071, or DSN 312-735-6071 for inquiries and information.

Employment: For employment opportunities at Naval Base Coronado, visit the San Diego Navy Fleet and Family Readiness while on post, or browse for it through the federal jobs listings. At the peak of its capacity, Naval Base Coronado has employed more than 36,000 military and civilian personnel, consisting of more than 30% of the total workforce in the south of California, and the largest workforce within the San Diego County area.

Base Services: Naval Base Coronado has a series of services across the facilities it comprises, including a gallery, pizza parlor, cafeterias, medical and dental services, exchange and banking facilities, barber, beauty and optical shops, recreation centers, housing areas, and many more.

History: Naval Base Coronado is a conglomerate of military facilities, which were established at different stages of military history. Also called NBC for short, Naval Base Coronado was formed in 1997 with the integration of the eight facilities that integrates this Navy base, all of them operated by a sole Commanding Officer. These eight facilities span through 230 square km (57,000 acres) making this Navy base, the largest military facility in the southwestern United States region.

Units: There are several units at Naval Base Colorado including major commands such as the Commander Naval Special Warfare Command, the US Pacific Fleet, the Commander Naval Surface Force, and several other Expeditionary units and Special Warfare units from the Pacific Fleet.

Housing: There are temporary lodging and long-term housing opportunities at Naval Base Coronado. Department of Defense employees, accompanied and unaccompanied military personnel and their families are eligible for on post and off post housing services. To apply or request more information write or visit Metro San Diego Housing Welcome Center, inside Naval Base Coronado, LeHardy Street, Bldg 3544, San Diego, CA 92136, call at 619-556-8443, or visit the Navy base’s housing website,






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