NAS Corpus Christi’s mission is to provide support to the air force’s training procedures and assisting the residents of the base by providing facilities and services to ease their lives. The current commanding officer of the base is Colonel Garner Pogue. Corpus Christie also houses the biggest repair facilities for helicopters in the world.

Recently there have been talks of plans to move the Army’s Honduras’ helicopter squadron to Corpus Christi to reduce expenses. The base is located in Southern Texas. The area is a hub for the petrochemical and other petroleum based industries along with being a major gateway for ships. The place is also popular amongst tourists for the beaches, wildlife and boating facilities near the islands.

Corpus Christie’s mission is to provide all the support required for the training procedures as well as to maintain and manage the station’s operations and the activities of its tenants. It is the 6th biggest port in the United States of America.

Cost of Living: Corpus Christie’s cost of living is 15.60% lower than the U.S. average.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 361-961-2384 or DSN 312-861-2384

Base Population: There are 2,836 members on active duty, 7,090 Family Members, 28,810 Retirees, 4,148 National Guard & Reserve and family and 4,403 Civilian Employees.

City/Area Population: There are around 403,280 civilians residing in the locality.

Child Development Centers: The CDC on base offers services to children between at the ages of 6 weeks and 5 years at Corpus Christie Development Center with full time services (361-961-1165). There are Child Development Centers available both on base and off base for kids of 6 weeks to 12 years (361-961-1166). During the school year, after school programs can be availed along with full-time care facilities and summer camps during holiday breaks. For the teenagers, there are sports and other activities to engage them throughout the year. (361-961-2355).

Youth programs: The base has an extensive offering of facilities and programs for teenagers up to the age of 18 including developmental activities, recreational activities sports etc. Call 361-961-2355.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 361-961-2372/3722.

Employment: The average income of households is around $30,058 with an unemployment rate of 7.0%. There are more than 8,000 employers hiring on base with the private sector having almost another 8,000 firms making up the majority of companies hiring on base.

Base services: The base offers MWR Facilities, with an on base commissary, an exchange and a Navy Army Federal Credit Union.

Medical Services: The medical facility in Corpus Christie has 2 clinics located in Kingsville and Ft Worth Texas respectively. The help desks can be reached at DSN 312-861-2688 or 361-961-2688.


Starting its initial years as a frontier trading post, Corpus Christie was founded by Colonel Henry Lawrence Kinney in the year 1839, and maintained a low military profile till 1845 when the preparations for the war with Mexico began and troops led by

General Zachary Taylor set up camp in the base. When the 2nd World War was becoming inevitable, there was a major need for bigger and better training facilities for pilots. Corpus Christie got commissioned in the year 1941 and began flying operations.

In the same year the base trained around three hundred pilots with about eight hundred instructors in a single month with the Pearl Harbor bombing leading to the rate being doubled. By the end of the war the base would have trained around 30,000 officers in various aircrafts such as OS2U, N3N, SNJ etc. The youngest of the pilots to graduate from the third class was George H.W Bush, former U.S president.

Since then the period of training has increased substantially with about four hundred airmen being produced at the base every year.


The base has the following units; Chief of Naval Air Training (CANTRA), Training Air Wing Four, Navy Operational Support Center (NOSC), Naval Health Clinic, Fleet and Industrial Supply Center, Jacksonville Det Corpus Christi (FISC JAX Det Corpus Christi), Marine Aviation Training Support Group (MATSG), Navy Lodge and the Coast Guard Air Station Corpus Christi.


There are more than 250 newly constructed units ready for occupation (reserved). The other units are available for currently active military personnel. Call the help desk at 361-961-3336.

Photos of Base

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