A part of the Navy Region Southwest, Naval Air Station (NAS) is located in the Churchill County in Nevada. The mission of the NAS Fallon is to maintain and operate airfield along with maintaining bombing and electronic warfare ranges. Located in a relatively isolated place, the base is in close proximity to some of the fun and recreational places in Nevada. Places like Carson City and Reno are some 90 minutes away from the base.

Cost Of Living: Rated at about 95% in comparison to a standard of 100% for major US cities, the cost of living in Nevada is relatively cheaper than the US average cost of living. However, some of the daily need items like groceries may be expensive in Nevada as compared to average prices for major cities in the US.

Automated Telephone Attendant Numbers: 775-426-3000

Base Population: The base accommodates a population of about 5,000 which comprises military staffs, civilians, contractor personnel and family members.

City/Area Population: The Churchill County records a population of about 25,000 while the city of Fallon shows a lesser population of about 8,500.

Child Development Centers: The NAS Fallon base has a Child Development Center which offers child care services to the children of working parents. The center takes care of children in the age group of infant, pre-toddler, toddler and pre-school. Apart from this, there is a Child Development Home Program which provides home based childcare.

Youth Programs: With an aim for overall development, the Youth Center on the base runs year round camps, after school programs, field trips, supervised games, athletics etc. There is also a youth program exclusively for the teenagers.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 775-426-3333


 The NAS fallon base has a total of 200 job positions in the civil service areas. The turnover is relatively low. Almost all the available positions are administrative position and a person seeking employment on these positions should apply through the Naval Employment Website.

Base Services:

For the financial related issues, there is several exchange facilities located on the base. Apart from this there is also commissary and MWR facilities available on the NAS Fallon Base.

Medical Services:

 The Naval Air Station Fallon has just an out-patient clinic located on the base. Unfortunately, there is no an in-patient service or hospital available neither on the base nor in the general area.


The construction of the Naval Air Station air base started in 1958. Post the end of World War II, the need for an airstrip was almost eliminated. Consequently, Fallon was placed in the caretaker status until the Korean War. With the construction starting in 1958, the newly developed airstrip was named after LCDR Bruce Van Voorhis who was considered a brave man winning the Medal of Honor posthumously for his valor in bombing the Japanese Posts in the Solomon Islands in 1944. During the Vietnam War, there were huge investments on the development of the base making it suitable for the bombing ranges and prepare aircrews for the war. Finally in 1972, Fallon was given the status of a Naval Air Station. Currently, the NAS Fallon has the main task of imparting primary aircraft familiarization and weapon training to the Naval Air Group and Marine Corps Air Group prior to deployment. There is also a Naval Strike and Air warfare Center (NSAWC) which trains in the advanced air-to-ground and air-to-air combat tactics.


The major units on the base are the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 11, Fighter Squadron Composite Thirteen, Fleet Readiness Center West Side, Fleet Weather Center Strike Detachment, Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center, Strike Fighter Wing Pacific Detachment, Navy Munitions Command CONUS West Division, Detachment, Fallon, Naval Air Station, Fallon, Branch Medical Clinic, Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest, Public Works Department, Fallon.


There are 230 family housing units available on NAS Fallon. These 230 units accommodate about 53% of eligible families. About 5 houses are exclusively meant for special need is located in Mountain View Housing. All the housing units are furnished with the modern amenities like ranges, refrigerators, dishwasher, central heating and air conditioning system. As the military hosuing facility is limited on the NAS Fallon base, staffs are advised to check for housing availability as early as possible. The housing facility is managed by the Public Private Venture Lincoln/Clark.

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