The U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) is not only a federal academy, but one of the most prestigious and long-running mixed-sex educational facilities in the United States. The academy is located in Annapolis, the capital city of Maryland, and is part of the Annapolis Area Naval Complex on the shores of the Severn River in its confluence with the Chesapeake Bay. Often referred simply as Annapolis, Naval Academy is just 33 miles east of Washington, D.C. and 26 miles southeast of Baltimore.

This installation is part of a 338-acre Naval complex set on the historical Fort Severn area, which also includes other tenant commands such as the Naval Academy Business Service Division (NABSD) and the Naval Support Activity (NSA) Annapolis that provides operating support services not just to the academy, but also to the Navy Operational Support Center in Baltimore, the Chesapeake Bay Detachment in Randle Cliff, and the North Severn complex.

Naval Academy Navy Base provides four-year education to prepare physical, mental and moral navy cadets to become professional Naval Service officers in either the U.S. Marine or the United States Navy, and is the second oldest training academy in the United States.

Cost of Living: Annapolis is an extremely livable city scoring 79 points of livability, ranking number 89 in Maryland, and number 3,694 in the USA, with a cost of living that is 9.4% greater than the Maryland average, and 26.9% greater than the national average.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: Base Operator phone number is (410) 293-1000, DSN: 281-1000. U.S. Naval Academy Information, phone (410) 293-1558. Customer Service Desk (CSD) (410) 293-5813.

Base Population: Naval Academy Navy Base population is made of students and military staff. Approximately 1,300 students enroll to the academy every year.

City/Area Population: Annapolis is part of the Baltimore–Washington metropolitan area, with a population in 2010 at 38,394.

Child Development Centers: Naval Academy does not have in-campus Child Development Centers, but several schools and child-oriented educations and child daycare facilities in Annapolis.

Youth Programs: Naval Academy operates two post-graduate schools offering youth programs and further professional formation, the Naval War College, and the Naval Postgraduate School. There is also a post-graduate high school education provided by the Naval Academy Foundation, consisting of one-year of preparatory education before applying to the academy and the Billy the Kid Youth Center, phone (410) 293-4997.

Family Readiness Center: Family readiness programs are provided by the Fleet and Family Support Center at 168 Bennion Road, U.S. Naval Academy, phone (410) 293-2641.

Employment: Naval Academy offers employment opportunities to qualified personnel on a regular basis. For more information call the Human Resources Department at the U.S. Naval Academy, phone (410) 272-1460

Base Services: Naval Academy offers a number of services through the Naval Support Activity (NSA) Annapolis including a family housing center, Navy exchange, gym, golf and tennis courts, bowling area, movie theater, swimming pool and several others, including family resources.

History: Annapolis Naval Complex was established upon the grounds of Fort Severn and two other military bases from the U.S. Army. Secretary of the Navy George Bancroft founded the Naval Academy on 19 October 1845 under the former name of Naval School. Initially the academy offered a five-year professional formation program, in which the first year and last year of studies were taken at the campus, and the three other years were used for learning and training in the sea.

This college started with 50 alumnus and several professors, upon a curriculum established by Commodore Matthew Perry, who was also a vocal proponent for the modernization of the Navy. Naval Academy was constructed on the land occupied by the U.S. Army post Fort Severn which was established in 1808 upon the land previously occupied by an earlier fort constructed in 1776 during the American Revolutionary War to protect Annapolis harbor from an eventual British attack.

Fort Severn never witnessed action during the War of 1812, but the Naval Academy suffered service disruption during the Civil War. However, the Naval Academy kept using the old Fort Severn structure for its classrooms, until these were demolished in 1909 to build the actual setting.

Units: Naval Academy Navy Base is an educational facility; therefore there are no units or troops stationed here.

Housing: Naval Academy has several housing facilities including Barracks/Single Service Member Housing, Navy Gateway Inns and Suites Annapolis, Housing Privatization, and Navy Lodge Annapolis. For housing information call the Housing Welcome Center at (410) 293-9731.






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