Naval Air Station Mugu Point is a U.S. Navy Facility located on the West Coast of California between Malibu and Santa Barbara near the city of Ventura. Due to the Base Realignment and Closure Act in 2000 the base merged with nearby Naval Construction Battalion Center Port Hueneme and along with San Nicolas Island in the Channel Islands was renamed Naval Base Ventura County. The Mugu Point location is an airfield with two main runways and the Naval Construction Battalion Center has a Deep Water Port. The San Nicolas Island location has an auxiliary air strip and many other buildings and facilities. Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC) hosts over 80 military commands and serves in a wide range of diverse activities for the Department of Defense. The latest figures for the economic impact in the Ventura regions local economy is over 2 billion dollars annually and over 20,000 jobs either directly or indirectly. The main address is Naval Base Venture County 311 Main Rd. Building 1 Point Mugu, CA. 93042-5033

Cost of Living: This a relatively expensive place to live compared to the rest of the Country at 28.8% higher than the National Average.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 805-982-4711 DSN 312-551-7209

Base Population: 6,500 Active Duty, 2,500 Ready Reserve, 2,500 Family Members, 4,400 Civilian Contractors, and 4,400 Department of Defense Civil Service Employees.

City/Area Population: Ventura Metro Area has a population of 798,364

Child Development Centers: For child daycare contact Child Care Resource Referral at 221 East Ventura Blvd. Oxnard, CA. 93036, Phone 805-485-7878 or 805-989-3675. There are no on base schools at NBVC and children of military families at Mugu Point attend Ocean View School District. Their official website is or contact the School Liaison Officer at Point Mugu Building 225 Point Mugu, CA. 93041, Phone 805-989-5211 DSN 312-351-5211

Youth Programs: Youth Activity Center Point Mugu 311 Main Rd. Building 150 Point Mugu, CA. 93043, Phone 805-989-7580 DSN 312-351-7580. Visit their website at

Family Readiness Center: The Fleet and Family Support Center is at 1000 23rd Ave. Building 1169 Port Hueneme, CA. 93041, Phone 805-989-3159 DSN 312-351-3159

Employment: The employment opportunities in Venture County are mostly in service industries, education and manufacturing and are said to be getting better. The Family Readiness Center also provides help with employment for families of service personnel and the base has a website for on site job opportunities at

Base Services: Commissary at 130 23rd Ave. Building 1512 Port Hueneme, CA. 93043, Phone 805-982-2400 DSN 312-551-2400

  • Navy Exchange Port Hueneme 103 23rd Ave. Building 1512 Port Hueneme, CA. 93043, Phone 805-9826801
  • Gymnasium/Fitness Center 353 North Mugu Rd. Building 16 Point Mugu, CA. 93043, Phone 805-989-7728
  • Golf Course Port Hueneme Site Pacific St. Building 1537 Port Hueneme CA. 93042, Phone 805-982-2620
  • Morale Welfare and Recreation 1000 23rd Ave Building 1180 Port Hueneme, CA. 93042, Phone 805-982-5554
  • Military Clothing Sales 311 Main Rd. Building 16 Point Mugu, CA. 93042, Phone 805-986-2357
  • Chapel 1000 North Mugu Rd. Building 1433 Port Hugu, CA. 93042, Phone 805-982-4487
  • Barber Shop 353 North Mugu Rd. Building 16 Point Mugu, CA. 93042.

History: The Base here at Point Mugu was established in WII when the newly formed Seabees at Port Hueneme came here for training and they laid down a Marston Mat steal runway. During the war it was used for Anti Aircraft Weapons Training. After the War in 1946 President Harry Truman and the Secretary of the Navy established Point Mugu as the Naval Air Missile Test Center and throughout the Cold War it served as a principle location for Research, Development, Testing and, Evaluation of Missile Weapons Systems. This base has also played an important role for the Navy in Airborne Early Detection Radar and continues to do so today. The future of the base seems assured and in 2016 the U.S. Coast Guard is planning to move here from the Los Angeles International Airport.

Units: Some of the Major Units at NBVC include, 23rd Marines 4th Marine Division, 31st Naval Construction Regiment, Air Test Evaluation Squadron Three Zero, Airborne Command and Control Logistics Wing, Carrier Airborne Early Warning Squadrons, 117, 116, 113 and 112, Fleet Logistics Support Squadron, Explosive Ordinance Disposal MU 3, Det 1, 344th Training Squadron, Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, Naval Outlying Field, San Nicolas Island, Naval Facilities Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center and Naval Satellite Operations Center.

Housing: There are both on and off- base housing available for military personnel and families at NBVC, contact the Housing Office and Housing Referral at 1000 23rd Ave. Building 1196 Port Hueneme, CA. 94043, Phone 805-982-4321 DSN 312-551-4472







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