Located at a distance of approximately 15 miles from Meridian City, this Naval Air Station is situated in between of State highways 39 & 45.  The current BRAC status of the base has a decrease of 15 military personnel. The ultimate goal and mission of this base is to provide training to the war-fighter.

Cost Of Living: Overall the cost of living in Mississippi is 11% lower than that of the rest of the United States. The average cost of grocery in Mississippi is 6.9% lower than that of the rest of the United States. The average cost of housing in Mississippi is 26% lower than the cost of housing in the rest of the United States.

Automated Telephone Attendant Numbers: DSN 312-637-2211 & 601-679-2211

Base Population: The total population on base is 2300. This figure includes the Regional Counterdrug Training Academy (RCTA), Naval Operational Support Center (NOSC) and 8 Major commands.

City/Area Population: The population of Meridian is 64,180 citizens.

Child Development Centers: Apart from the routine day care and after school care, the CDC at MAS Meridian Base also offers a variety of interesting day camp activities for children. After and before school care is provided by the School Age Center. Besides this there are also a range of services provided by the center to children with special needs. Phone 601-679-2652 & Phone (DSN) 312-637-2652.

Youth Programs: The services provided by the Youth Centre include golf, swimming, youth events and other such activities.  Phone 601-679-2687 & Phone (DSN) 312-637-2687. Some of the youth programs provided by the center include youth recreation and sports, youth employment, youth religious programs and others.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: DSN 312-637-2360 & 601-679-2360

Employment: There are numerous employment opportunities available in the area. There are several positions available in the medical, manufacturing and retail industries. The average household income in the area is US$ 42,805 and the average rate of unemployment in the area is quite high at 11.8%. For more employment related information please contact Spouse and Dependent Employment at Phone 601-679-2360 & Phone (DSN) 312-637-2360.

Base Services: The base services on post include Navy Federal Credit Union, MWR facilities, Exchange System and Commissary.

Medical Services: There is a branch dental clinic as well as a branch medical clinic available on base that provides dental and medical services for military personnel and their family members. Branch Dental Clinic 601-679-2682, & Branch Medical Clinic 601-679-2633.


Work for the setup of the Naval Auxiliary Air Station began on the 16th of July 1957. On the 14th of July 1961, this station was finally commissioned. The funds put into the construction and setup of the base were approximately US$ 60 million and Senator John C Stennis was the guest speaker for the inauguration ceremony of the base. In the year 1982, this base was upgraded to a Major Shore command. Finally this base was chosen as one of the fifteen installations that were DoD model installation program.


·         Marine Aviation Training Support Squadron One (MATSS-1)

·         Commander, Training Air Wing ONE (COMTRAWING ONE)

·         Naval Technical Training Center (NTTC)

·         VT-9 (Training Squadron NINE)

·         Training Squadron SEVEN (VT-7)


US$ 25 million have been spent over the past 5 years on remodeling and renovating housing units on base for military personnel. The remodeled homes are state of the art, ultra modern housing units. Government housing is provided on this base. All families automatically get access to a 3 bedroom-housing units, larger families can apply for a 4 bedroom housing unit.

Balfour Beatty Communities is the privatized partner for housing. All military personnel are required to report to Family Housing upon arrival. Family Housing provides all the necessary housing information. There are a total of 102 enlisted homes and 61 officer units in the area. One can even consider the option of non-government housing. These non-government housing units will be provided in the local community. There is also the option of rental housing. Rental houses and apartments come with 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedroom options. The monthly rent ranges from US$ 350 to US$ 1600. For more housing related information please contact Phone 601-679-2520 & Phone (DSN) 312-637-2520.

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