Naval Air Station (NAS) Brunswick Navy Base was a military airport facility located in the state of Maine by the Androscoggin River, just two miles northeast of Brunswick, 31 miles south from the capital city of Augusta, and 26 miles northeast Portland, the state's largest city. This naval base operated a military facility and was publicly open under the name of Brunswick Executive Airport. Following the closure announcement in 2009, the last aircraft, P-3 Orions, left the base, and the runways closed permanently in 2010, while the airport did it the following year after the definite closure. At the closure moment, a group of redevelopment officials planned an upcoming opening of a "Green Energy Park" along with a civilian airport.

Nonetheless, a group of ex-navy and retired military joined forces with people in the area and museum professional to retain the memorial gardens on NAS Brunswick Navy Base to establish a museum to educate citizen and future generations about the heritage that NAS Brunswick left. After the Navy Base closure, the place where it was established is nowadays known to as Brunswick Landing and it includes a history-rich Brunswick Naval Museum and Memorial Gardens that comprises the memories of the base and the Maine Naval region.

Cost of Living: Brunswick is an extremely livable city scoring 75 livability points, with a cost of living which is 3.5% greater than the Maine average and 10.8% greater than the cost of living national average.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: There are no longer a base operator number to call, but the former number was (207) 021-2214 or DSN: 476-2214. For the actual Brunswick Naval Museum and Memorial Gardens you can call John Briley, President of the museum at (207) 729-7216 or via email at [email protected]

Base Population: There is no military population in this base after the closure, but it used to have a population of 2,843 Active Duty, 6,900 Family Members, and 624 civilians.

City/Area Population: NAS Brunswick Navy Base was located near the city of Brunswick, with an estimated population as of 2012 of 20,329 people. Brunswick is the largest city in a tri-town area that includes this city, Bath, and Topsham, which altogether account for approximately 37,000 inhabitants.

Child Development Centers: There are Child Development Centers in the Brunswick area, but none of them directly connected to the old NAS Brunswick Navy Base.

Youth Programs: Support programs were handled by the Child and Youth Services office at (207) 921-2610.

Family Readiness Center: NAS Brunswick Navy Base provided family support through the Family Support Center at (207) 921-2273.

Employment: Since NAS Brunswick Navy Base is permanently closed, opportunities of employment can only be obtained at Brunswick Landing through the Brunswick Naval Museum and Memorial Gardens, or the aviation complex formerly known to as Brunswick Executive Airport (BXM). To locate available open positions, please browse the national employment listings.

Base Services: There are no active services running at NAS Brunswick Navy Base as of 2015.


NAS Brunswick Navy Base was built in 1943 upon a ground that was mainly used to grow blueberries and the main goal of the base, being World War II times, was to train and articulate the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm pilots, who flew squadrons of the Grumman TBF Avenger, the Chance Vought F4U Corsair, and the F6F Hellcat for the British Naval Command. The land in which this facility was constructed was partially donated by the city of Brunswick, which in the early 1940s was a small town that used most of its available land to operate a small municipal airport, facility that would later became the core part of the NAS Brunswick Navy Base setting.

Naval Air Station Brunswick was opened in March 1943 to aid in training and forming the Royal Navy Air Arm pilots. The idea behind the base was to allow squadrons of the the Grumman TBF Avenger and the F6F Hellcat among others under British Command. Portions of the 1,487 acres were donated to the cause by Brunswick. The land was used mainly as a municipal airport in the 1940’s which was the heart of the base.

Units: No units, troops or on-post personnel are stationed here since the closure of NAS Brunswick Navy Base.

Housing: No housing opportunities are available within the actual Brunswick Landing.







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