Navy Air Engineering Station (NAES) Lakehurst in New Jersey is now part of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JBMDL) because of the 2005 Base closure and restructuring Act. It became operational as such on October 1st 2009 and the merger included McGuire Air Force Base along with the U.S. Army's Fort Dix. This huge complex now contains over 42,000 contiguous acres of which, 7,400 are at the Lakehurst location. JBMDL is the world’s leader in the development of Aircraft Launch and Recovery Systems and Support Equipment whose mission is the Aircraft Platform Interface to assure the vertical and fixed wings of all aircraft work in the correct manner and are safe.

A few of the aircraft seen at this base include  Aircraft Carriers and Air Capable Ships. One of the latest examples of the incredible work that takes place here is the new Electromagnetic Catapult Launch System for Aircraft Carriers, replacing the old Steam Powered Launch Systems. This base also has a long and fascinating history of almost 100 years becoming famous as America's Home Base for lighter than air Aircraft, such as Blimps and Zeppelins and the unfortunate site of the 1937 Hindenburg disaster.

Cost of Living: This is an expensive area off base to live with an 8.46% higher than National Average. New Jersey in general is higher than the National Average by 8.9%.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 732-323-2011 DSN 624-2011. For JBMDL 609-562-1011 DSN 312-650-3628

Base Population: The total for all of JBMDL is 37,236, broken down by facilities; McGuire AFB has the most at 18,307, Fort Dix at 16054 and Lakehurst with 2,875 active duty, guard and reserve, family members and civilian personnel.

City/Area Population: The City of Lakehurst only has a population of 2,708; however, it is part of Burlington County, which has 446,817 individuals and, the closest bigger city is Trenton, New Jersey with a population of 85,403.

Child Development Centers: Lakehurst has one center on base for children 6 weeks to 6 years, Phone 737-323-2260 and one on base at McGuire; Phone 609-754-2966. There are no on base schools for children and they must attend public or private schools in the nearest district where they are stationed. Contact the School Liaison Specialist for more information at 3435 Broidy Rd. McGuire AFB, NJ. 08641, Phone 609-754-2820 DSN 312-650-2820.

Youth Programs: JBMDL has a Youth Programs Center at all three locations offering a wide variety of activities, sports, clubs and recreation centers for youths and teens of military families. Contact information for Lakehurst is located at Building 487 Walsh Rd., NJ. 08733, Phone 732-323-4043 DSN 312-624-4043

Family Readiness Center: Contact the Military and Family Support Center-Lakehurst Building 488 Walsh Rd., NJ. 08733-5076, Phone 732-323-1248 DSN 312-624-1248

Employment: Opportunities for employment in Burlington and Ocean Counties are said to be very good. For military families help can be found at the McGuire AFB Family Support Center located at 3435 Broidy Rd., NJ. 08641, Phone 609-754-3294 DSN 312-650-3294. For work on one of the bases visit,

Base Services:

  • Lakehurst Commissary Hwy.547 Building 486, NJ, 08733, Phone 732-323-1220 DSN 312-624-1220
  • Beauty/Barber Shop Lakehurst Hwy 547 Building 485, NJ. 08733, Phone 732-323-1081
  • Post Exchange Hwy 547 Building 485, NJ. 08733, Phone 732-323-2439 DSN 312-624-2439
  • Full Fitness Center and Gym MWR Lakehurst Hwy.547 Building 123, NJ. 08733, Phone 732-323-7266 DSN 312-624-7266
  • Golf Course Lakehurst Building 33, NJ. 08733, Phone 732-323-2686 DSN 312-624-7266
  • Loan Closet Relocation Assistance Building 488 Walsh Rd., NJ. 08733, Phone 732-323-1248 DSN 312-624-1248
  • Library 2603 Tuskegee Airmen Ave. McGuire AFB, NJ. 08641, Phone 609-754-2079 DSN 312-650-2079
  • Chapel, Cathedral of the Air 264 Hope Chapel Rd., NJ. 08526, Phone 609-754-4673 DSN 312-650-5153


The current site of JBMDL was held by the Imperial Russian Army to be used as a testing site for munitions in 1916 as well as training troops during World War, it was controlled by the U.S. Army and named Camp Kendrick.  After the warin 1921,  the U.S. Navy aquired the site  for an Airship Station and it was renamed Naval Air Station Lakehurst. It continued in this capacity through WW2 operating Blimps for spotting German U-Boats along the East Coast. In the 1950's, it became the principal location for development and testing Aircraft Carrier Catapult Launching Systems and Arresting Cable Systems. This is also where Aviation Boatswain's Mates are trained in using such equipment. Although, Lakehurst is now part of a Joint Base it is still operated mainly by the U.S. Navy.


Units stated at the base include Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division, Naval Mobile Construction 21st Battalion, Navy operational Support Center, Center of Naval Aviation Technical Training and, and Communications-Electronics-Research  Development and Engineering.


All Housing for JBMDL is handled through the McGuire AFB Housing Office at 3700 A Circle Dr. Phone 609-754-3662 DSN 312-650-3662






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