Joint Expeditionary base Little Creek-Fort Story (JEBLCFS) Virginia was formally known as Naval Amphibious base Little Creek. In 2009, due to the Base Closure and Restructuring Act it was consolidated with the U.S. Army Base Fort Story and became the first Joint Base in the Hampton Roads.

Together they are said to comprise the Crown Jewel of America’s Military Bases. The Facility is comprised of four locations in three States totaling 12,000 acres and the little Creek Base in Virginia Beach, Virginia has 2,120 acres. A great many of their activities are focused on Amphibious Warfare Training. Their mission at JEBLSFS is to provide required support services to over 15,000 Personnel of the 27 home-ported ships and 78 resident supported activities.

The Amphibious Base here is the largest base of its kind in the world. Fort Story is part of the U.S. Army Garrison, 7th Group and is the only (over the shore) Training Facility to practice the transfer of military cargo from ship to shore and they provide a full range of military transport equipment and services. The entire area around here is full of military installations from the Air Force, Army, Navy and, Marines and is military friendly offering many activities and points of interest for service personnel and their families, such as the Virginian Aquarium, Marine Science Center and a 20,000 seat amphitheater and a Multipurpose Sports Complex.

Cost of Living: The cost of living at JEBLCFS is a bit higher than the average in most U.S. cities so cost of living allowance (COLA) is in effect for Military Personnel. The cost of living in Virginia Beach is 4.9% higher than the state average and 13.2% higher than the national average.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 775-462-7358 DSN 312-253-738

Base Population: JED Little Creek has 10,000 military personnel and 1,800 civilian employees. Fort Story has 2,300 military personnel and 290 civilian employees.

City/ Area Population: Virginia Beach has a population of 437,994.

Child Development Centers: Both JED Little Creek and Fort Story have a Child Daycare Center for ages 6 months to 5 years; contact Little Creek at 775-462-2400 and Fort Story at 757-422-7769. All school aged children must attend Virginia Beach Public Schools, contact the School Liaison Office at HQ Building 300 room 112 Virginia Beach, Virginia 23459 Phone, 757-422-7101 Ext 238 DSN 312-438-7348

Youth Programs: JEBLCFS offers a multitude of youth services like before and after school programs, sports programs, summer camps and recreation programs year round through the Youth/Teen Center located at Building 3085 1332 Seascape Court Virginia Beach, Virginia 23459, Phone 757-462- 8718 DSN 312-253-3238.

Family Readiness Center: 1450 D Street Building 3129 Virginia Beach, Virginia  23459- 2444, Phone 757-462-7563 DSN 312-253-7563.

Employment: The Hampton Roads Area has a 7% unemployment rate so prospects are good here. For military family members help is available through the Family Member Employment Assistance Program at 1450 D Street, Phone 757-462-7562 DSN 312-253-7563

Base Services:

Commissary 1180 amphibious Dr. building 3445, Phone 757-462-3561 DSN 312-253-3561

Post Exchange 1170 Amphibious Dr.  Phone 757-462-757-636-3218, Family Center 757-422-7311 DSN 312-422-7311

Gymnasium/Fitness Center 3147 5th St. Phone 757-462-7735 DSN 312-253-4405

Library Building 530 Solomons Rd. Phone 757-422-7525 DSN 312-438-7525

Morale Welfare and Recreation 1481 D Street Phone 757-462-7793 DSN 312-253-7793

Chapel 600 Port-Au-Prince Phone 757-422-7665 DSN 312-438-7665 Beauty/Barber Shop 1170 Amphibious Dr.757-636-3252

Adult Education Center 1481 D St. Building 3016, Phone 757-462-8279 DSN 312-253-8279


In 1942, the U.S. Navy foresaw the need for a training ground for large Amphibious Assault operations and the marshy territory around Virginia Beach Highway fit the bill perfectly. It proved invaluable in testing Amphibious Assault equipment and training troops for under fire conditions they would face. Throughout WW2 over 160,000 Army and Marines received training at Little Creek, Fort Story had been a fortified Coastal gun batterer and changed to a field hospital for the war wounded and served over 14,472 patients returning from Europe. By the end of the war both bases were declared permanent facilities and have served with great importance for military Readiness every since. Today the Joint Expeditionary Base serves not only amphibious training but a host of other activities for all branches of Service.


The units serving at the base include the 11th Transportation Battalion, DSN 312-438-7381, Amphibious Construction Battalion 2 DSN 312-253-7681, Assault Craft Unit 4, DSN 312-253-4553, Expedition Strike Group 2, DSN 312-253-3404, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group 2, DSN 312-253-8454, Expeditionary Warfare Training Group Atlantic, DSN 312-253464, Naval Cyber Forces, DSN 312-537-6781, and Navy Special Warfare Group, DSN 312-255-2003.


Housing at JEBLCFS is managed by Belfour Beatty Communities, contact the Housing Office at 2600 Tarawa Court Building 1602 Suite 105 Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23459, Phone 757-462-8939 DSN 312-253-8939.






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