Situated on the California Highway at Pickel Meadow Mountain Training Center Marine Corps is located northwest of Bridgeport, California. It is approximately 100 miles distant from Reno, Nevada. The army installation is stationed at an altitude of 6,762 feet. The topography surrounding the camp ranges to as much as under 12,000 feet. The camp trains the recruits over an expanse of 46,000 acres within the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest. This has been possible as they were given permission after the agreement between the Marine Corps and U.S Forest Services.

The management of this large area is under the functioning of the U.S Forest Service. The agreement allows the utilization of this region to train the recruits for mountainous and cold climate operations. The base accommodates and trains the combats in summer and winter mountain programs. They also execute the examining of cold climate composites and clothing accessories. They develop doctrine and possibilities to strengthen the Corp’s fighting capacities and fight the obstacles like hilly or harsh cold weather.

Cost of Living: The cost of living is 108.20 compared to US average of 100.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: +1 760-932-1401

Base Population: The Mountain Training Center Marine Corps Pickel Meadow comprises of 250 on-duty marine soldiers and sailors who are the permanent officials. It also includes 100 non-combatant workers.

City/ Area Population: 575

Child Development Centers: The Child Development Center in MTCMC, Pickel Meadows is situated in Lincoln Military Housing, Coleville. It has scheduled programs for children belonging to the age group of 6 weeks and 5 years. It facilitates care program before and after school hours for the ones belonging to 5 years-9 years age group. It has provision for daily, hourly and part time care program. It has special programs during summer vacations as well.

Youth Programs: For the development of the youth populace, the base offers a Youth & Teen Center. It provides the evolving generation with facilities such as games, laptops, books etc. They even imbibe the teens with the knowledge of baby-sitting. Not only the teens but anyone willing to learn can join the Coleville CDC. To contact: 530-495-2640.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 530-495-2954

Employment: The Mountain Warfare Training Center Marine Corps do not have much job opportunities for the dependant members of the soldiers. The ones that are available are mostly seasonal.

Base Services:

·         Financial Facilities: The base has limited credit facilities.

·         MCCS Facilities: The recreational activities proffered in the base include camping, mountain biking, skiing, and other indoor and outdoor activities.

·         Shopping destination is almost 50 miles north in Gardnerville, NV. Other shopping arenas are located in Carson City, capital of Nevada approximately 20 miles far north of Gardnerville.

 Medical Services: The Naval Hospital Twentynine Palms provides preliminary health facilities in the neighborhood and to the active soldiers and their dependent members. There are no dental clinics in the vicinity to cater the patients in the base. The nearby dental clinic is situated in Carson City or Gardnerville.


The Mountain Warfare Training Center Marine Corps in California is a premier site to assist the soldiers to face and defeat harsh climates and terrains. They are trained to overcome variations in altitudes and ruggedness of the topography. The establishment of this army installation took place in 1851 - a Cold Weather Battalion with the basic objective to provide knowledge regarding combating in cold weather to those militants within the margins of Korea. The resultant outcome was of such superior quality that the CWB was transformed into the Marine Corps Cold Weather Training Center. Thus the functionality of the base was doubled and hence in 1963 the name was changed into Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center. It functioned all the time until 1967 when it was positioned in a cadre status while in favor of the Vietnam War. It was restored to its original functionality on May 19, 1976.


The Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center, California includes Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center.


The housing complexes are located in Coleville, California. The single members of the base have their residences within the margins of the base. Other units are located outside the base.



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