Moody Air Force base is established in South Georgia. The base is just 30 miles away in the north direction from the Florida border. The base is in the city of Valdosta which is on highway 125 to Georgia. The 23 Wing people are highly respected by the local people. The 23 Wing engages in training, organizing and employing combat specialists A-10C, HC-130, force protection assets, and support personnel. The Wing is a major participant in nearly all major rescue operations and worldwide contingency operations.

Cost Of Living: The city of Valdosta shows a cost of living index point of 91.90. This means that the cost of living in the city is cheaper than the average for major US cities.

Automated Telephone Attendant Numbers: 229-257-4211

Base Population: The Moody Air Force Base comprises 4,499 military staffs, 6,252 family members and 476 civilian employees.

City/Area population: The local city of Valdosta in Georgia has a population of about 136,530.

Child Development Centers: With facilities like full day care, kindergarten care and hourly care, the Child Development Center on the Moody base takes care of children in the age group of 6 weeks to 5 years. There is also a Family Child Care center that gives evening care and weekend care services to infants and kindergarten age group children.

Youth Programs: Aiming at the age group of 5 years to 18 years, the Youth Center on the base provides services to the wards of military and DoD civilian employees. Care is provided during the vacations, before and after school, weekends and other holidays. Amenities like computer room, highly equipped gymnasium, teen lounge etc are present in the Youth Center.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 229-257-3333

Employment: Valdosta town offers decent job options. Employers on the base include Non Appropriated Funds (NAF) office, the commissary and the Base Exchange office. The Moody Human Resource Office assists in finding suitable job on the base.

Base Services:

The Southeastern Federal Credit Union and the Armed Forces Bank take care of all the financial issues of the people living on the base. Apart from this, the people also enjoy the facilities like commissary and exchange on the base. The Force Support Squadron provides recreational facilities like bowling, library, theater, tennis, swimming, outdoor activities arrangement etc.

Medical Services: The 23rd Medical Group functioning on the base provides active medical and dental care to the active staffs, family members and other beneficiaries. However, the 23rd Medical group does not provide any medical emergency services. However, in the case of emergency or requirement of ambulance, the 23rd Medical Group promptly arranges for the requirement.


The Moody Air Force Base traces its history back to 1940 when a group of responsible citizens from Valdosta and Lowndes County took the initiative to contribute towards the expanding Defense Plan. In the same year, a letter was forwarded to the Maxwell AAF with the invitation of considering area in Valdosta for their corps. After a dedicated survey, suitable ground was found at about 11.5 miles northeast of Valdosta near a very small settlement called Bemis. However, at that time, the land in the area was owned by the United States Department of Agriculture. On May 14, 1941, the Department of Agriculture transferred the rights of the land to the war Department. Within a month i.e. on June 28, 1941, the construction was started. The base is named after Major George Putnam Moody who was a pioneer of the US air force. He died in 1941 in duty with the Beech Aircraft Company. The initial amount estimated for the construction of the base was around $3.4 million.  


The major units functioning in the Moody Air Force Base are 23 Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, 23 Fighter Group, 23rd Civil engineering Squadron, 23rd Medical group, 23rd Wing, 23rd Force Support Squadron etc.


The Moody Base has privatized housing units meant for defense officers and enlisted personnel in all ranks. The housing units are located in two neighborhood called Magnolia Grove and Quiet Pines. Both the neighborhoods have newly built traditional style housing units. The Moody Family Housing website can be looked upon for more information.

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