Military Ocean Terminal Concord Navy Base (MOTCO) is located at a strategic site in East San Francisco Bay area, just beside the Sacramento River shore at Concord city, in north-central Contra Costa County, California. This base is the main West Coast common-user ammunition terminal, serving as armament storage during World War II and supporting the troops with ammo, equipment, and material during the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and finally the Gulf War in the early 1990s.

Military Ocean Terminal Concord is a very large navy base split in two areas connected by a stretch of Port Chicago Highway, comprising near 6,526-acre Tidal Area that includes 2,045 acres of offshore islands and approximately 115-acre Inland Area. Military Ocean Terminal Concord Navy Base operates an Army-owned rail system and three ocean terminal piers. MOTCO Rail System connects with two major public Californian rail lines.

Military Ocean Terminal Concord Navy Base provides safe ammunition terminal and distribution services in support of deploying and redeploying forces based in the California Area of Responsibility. The mission of MOTCO includes provisioning of training and operational synergies between both West and East Coast ammunition terminals; and its maximum Net Explosive Weight capacity is 18.8 million pounds, which represents approximately 25 percent of the USA’s total ammunition throughput capability.

Cost of Living: The closest city to Military Ocean Terminal Concord Navy Base is Concord, a city scoring 79 points of livability, ranking number 299 in California, and number 3,583 in the USA, with a cost of living that is 2.2% greater than the California average, and 38.6% greater than the national average.

 Automated Telephone Attendant Number: Base operator phone number is (925) 246-4041, DSN 488-8000.

 Base Population: Military Ocean Terminal Concord Navy Base is home to the 834th Transportation Battalion) of the Army’s SDDC (Surface Deployment and Distribution Command) installation, which are the main population of this base, along with its personnel that include eight Military, 83 Civilians, and 68 Contractors/Tenants, summing up to 159 staff members in total.

City/Area Population: San Francisco Bay area has 7.56 million residents, but the closer city to the naval base is Concord, which is 31 miles east. Formerly named Todos Santos, this is the largest city in Contra Costa County, with an estimated population of 125,880. Concord is also the major regional suburban East Bay hub within the San Francisco Bay Area.

Child Development Centers: Early Childhood Education Programs (ECEP) is available at the nearby University of Berkeley; the telephone number of the ECEP Information Office is (510) 642-1827. There are no Child Development Centers inside Military Ocean Terminal Concord Navy Base, but the Haste Street Child Development Center is also located in Berkeley. Another nearby facility is New World Child Development Center at Walnut Creek which is close to the navy base. For further information call (925) 939-1688, fax (925) 939-7004.

Youth Programs: Cambridge Community Center is a daycare Center in the city of Concord, which provides Youth Programs as well. Dial (925) 798-1078 for more information.

Family Readiness Center: NatureBridge at Golden Gate is one of the closest Family Readiness Center providing diverse children, youth and family programs in the San Francisco Bay Area. Located in Sausalito, more information is available at (415) 332-5771

Employment: Opportunities of employment as Army Civilian Personnel might be available through the Department of Army, just contact the Applicant Helpdesk at [email protected]

Base Services: Because of the nature of Military Ocean Terminal Concord Navy Base storing ammunition and explosive, there are no services inside the base due to security matters, but most common services are available around the facility and in the nearby cities.

History: Military Ocean Terminal Concord Navy Base was constructed in 1942, serving as a storage deposit during the World War II under the name of Concord Naval Weapons Station. From here, armament, ammunition and explosives were delivered to combatant troops in the war front, but in 1944, an explosion in Port Chicago Naval Magazine devastated all the surrounding area, killing at least 320 Military and Civilian personnel, with an estimated of around 390 severely injured.

After WWII was over, activity in Military Ocean Terminal Concord Navy Base slowed down through the years and in 2008 control over this base began its transfer to other commands for the development of different projects.

Units: The 834th Transportation Battalion is permanently stationed here.

Housing: There are no present or future housing plans at Military Ocean Terminal Concord Navy Base.





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