The Naval Medical Center Portsmouth (NMCP) is the oldest operational military hospital in the United States, serving the U.S. Navy since 1830. This facility is located on Hospital Point, which is the main campus of NMCP in Portsmouth, Virginia, north of the Norfolk Naval Shipyard.

The magnificent three-story freestone and granite building that houses Medical Center Portsmouth was built in 1827, upon a project designed by architect John Havilan and is nowadays a state of the art medical center, along with being one of the several regional commands in an area considered as the largest military concentration in the world. This navy base is a patient driven TRICARE facility that provides healthcare to the U.S. armed forces. The installation has ten branch clinics supporting innovative research, health readiness, and teaching programs that are aimed to the formation of future hospital corpsmen, nurses and doctors. Medical Center Portsmouth excels patient-centered healthcare and medical education, and has some of the Military Forces finest services in the world.

Cost of Living: Medical Center Portsmouth is situated in Portsmouth, a city scoring 77 points of livability, ranked number 219 in the state of Virginia, and number 6,546 in the USA. The cost of living in Portsmouth is 7.3% less than Virginia’s cost of living average and the same cost of living when compared with the national average.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: Medical Center Portsmouth telephone number is (757) 397-5858, or call (757) 953-5008 to contact the Quarterdeck.

Base Population: According to the City of Portsmouth Economic Development Department, Medical Center Portsmouth accounts 7,000 employees as of today, even though the medical center reports 4,300-5000 including officers, sailors and civilian personnel.

City/Area Population: Situated in the Southeastern corner of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Portsmouth, this place is popularly known as Hampton Roads along with the neighboring cities of Suffolk, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Newport News, Chesapeake, and Hampton. This region has an estimated population of 1,547,000 people. However, Portsmouth, home to Medical Center Portsmouth, has a total population of 855,679 inhabitants.

Child Development Centers: There are series of Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Child Development Centers around Medical Center Portsmouth that depend on the MWR.

Youth Programs: The Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Fleet Readiness Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) and Child and Youth Programs (CYP) covers the Hampton Roads region providing a series of activities and Youth Sponsorship programs not just at Medical Center Portsmouth, but also in the nearby navy bases.

Family Readiness Center: Similarly, the Mid-Atlantic Region Fleet and Family Readiness coordinates the family activates in this area. Further information can be obtained through the Commander, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic, phone (757) 462-8425, DSN: 253-8425.

Employment: For careers and job opportunities at Medical Center Portsmouth, please browse the USAJOBS website where federal jobs when available are listed. Other job opportunities in this region are obtainable through the Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance headquartered in Norfolk, phone (757) 627-2315.

Base Services: Services inside Medical Center Portsmouth are those of any other innovative medical facility, besides the numerous dining, lodging, shopping and recreation facilities around the area.

History: Hospital Point is a historical place by itself, because the last Royal Governor, Lord Dunmore, took refuge here after being driven from Williamsburg and then from Norfolk harbor. However, the history of Medical Center Portsmouth dates back to 1827 when the construction of former Portsmouth Naval Hospital began, being its signature feature the Dorico order portico of ten columns that characterizes this building, which was built upon the grave of Major Saunders, who commanded Norfolk and Nelson Forts that died in 1810.

The interior of Medical Center Portsmouth was reconstructed in 1907 and has provided healthcare to the armed force since its opening day in the 19th century. In modern times, the history of this medical center begins to be noted in 1995, when the services of the hospital broke into the international press after the longest surgery ever was performed here, 33 hours and 40 minutes medical intervention.

Later, during that same year, two wounded Canadian soldiers returning from Croatia were successfully treated here. From then onwards, Medical Center Portsmouth has been worldwide renowned for its quality medical service.

Units: There are no military units or troops stationed at Medical Center Portsmouth.

Housing: Portsmouth Navy Med Center Lodging, a service nearby Norfolk Naval Station, provides the initial arrival to Medical Center Portsmouth, since there is no temporary lodging inside the medical center. For reservations, call (757) 489-2656. For permanent housing, please call the Lincoln Military Housing at the Portsmouth District Office (757) 966-7673, or the Regional Housing Office, phone (757) 961-3783.





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