Parris Island hosts the location of the Marine Corps Recruit Depot. The army installation is spread over many such tinier islands located south of Beaufort City almost 4 miles away in South Carolina. This base is where three other installations are located. They basically look after training the recruits of Marine Corps. The entire army base includes 8,000 acres and another 4,000 acres of tidal streams and saline bogs. The location of this base is ideally suited as it is both environmentally and scientifically established. Parris Island also acts as the headquarters for Eastern Recruiting Region.

Cost of Living: The Cost of living is lower than that of US average of 100, estimated at 85.0

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 843-228-2111

Base Population: The base population is composed of 2,200 marine officers and sailors, and 360 non-combatants.

City/Area Population: 12,361

Child Development Centers: The base of MCRD Parris Island Marine Corps, Port Royal caters to child development and for that purpose has the Parris Island Child Development Center. It provides facilities to children belonging to age group between 6 weeks and 5 years. They have daily care, Part-day care and pre-school facilities (only for 3 and 4 year old children).  They also offer full day program for children between 13 months to 5 year old children. To get more details contact: 843-228-3514; DSN 312-335-3514. Family Child Care Program facilitates children (home-based) between the age group 6 weeks and 12 years. To know more dial: 843-846-2270; 843-228-7279; 843-228-3685.

Youth Programs: The youth service at Parris Island Youth Center caters to children between 5 years and 12 years age group. They provide them with before and after care. There are two Youth centers: MCRD Parris Island (843-228-1536); Laurel Bay (843-228-7640).

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 843-228-1508

Employment: The employment options in MCRD Parris Island Youth Center are provided by the Career Resource Management Center which is also known by the name Transition Assistance Management Program. To reach them dial: 843-228-3377; DSN 312-335-3377 or 843-228-2761; DSN 312-335-2761. They are equipped with a computer lab that helps to provide lists of vacancy, word processing domain for creating curriculum vitae etc and federal application software. The unemployment rate is 7.4% in South Carolina. The average household income is $44,804.

Base Services:

·         Financial Facilities: The banking facilities are facilitated by the Fort Sill National Bank and Navy Federal Credit Union.

·         MCCS Facility: The enjoyment facilities available in the base include pool activities and several other indoor and outdoor activities.

·         There is a commissary in the Base. Marine Marts in MCRD Parris Island and MCZ store serves the community.

Medical Services: The Beaufort Naval Hospital in Ribaut Road caters to the patients of the base and the area. To know more please dial: 843-228-5600; DSN 312-335-5600. This is located mid-way between MCRD Parris Island and MCAS Beaufort. Besides, there are health clinics (843-228-3793) and dental clinics (843-228-3500) as well.


Colonel Alexander Parris, an Englishmen had bought a large estate along with 8 islands of smaller sizes during 1715. This area was under plantation agriculture until there was a civil war. In 1891, for the first time Marine personnel were installed in Parris Island. They were grouped as a small security which was functional under First Sergeant Richard Donovan. This unit was highly famous for saving lives and their properties when the island was hit by hurricanes in 1891 and 1893.  


The various composites of the MCRD Parris Island Marine Corps Base in Port Royal includes 6th Marine Corps District (6MCD), Headquarters 7 Service Battalion (H & SBN), Recruit Training Regiment (RTR) and Weapons & Field Training Battalion (WFTBN).


The housing facility in the MCRD Parris Island Marine Corps is provided by the Tri-Command Military, Housing, LLC. This unit is a privatized one under the DoN and Actus Lend Lease. They offer housing complexes at the Laurel Bay and MCRD Parris Island regions. The average house price in the Beaufort area is $165,200 and the average house rent is $829. The advantage here is that there is no waiting list for the ones relocating in Parris Island Marine Corps Base.

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