In the midst of Las Vegas and Los Angeles lies the MCLB Barstow (Interstate 15). The base is located southwest of Las Vegas almost 150 miles away and 120 miles distant northeast of Los Angeles. It is situated in the high desert of Bernardino County. The major goal of the base is to acquire, renovate, store and cater the ammunition as required.  They train recruits and functions following the directions of the Commandment of the of the army installation. The off-shoots of this base are situated in Albany and dispatches installations to the eastern regions of the Mississippi.

Cost of Living: The cost of living index in Barstow is 2.80% lower than the average of U.S.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: 760-577-6211; DSN 312-282-6211

Base Population: The population of Barstow comprises of 110 Active militants, 1,482 non-combatant and 488 contract soldiers.

City/Area Population: 23,000

Child Development Centers: The MCLB Barstow is equipped with one Child Development Center. It also has a School Age Care Center and 1 Youth Activities Center. To know more about the facilities, please contact: 760-577-6287; DSN 312-282-6287.

Youth Programs: The base offers entertainment options to children aged between 6 years to 18 years. The youth, children and the teenagers are provided with opportunities to socialize. They get the chance to enjoy the various options availed by the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. The teen populace has a room in particular. For more information dial: 760-577-6287; DSN 312-282-6287

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 760-577-6533; DSN 312-282-6533

Employment: The opportunities to acquire jobs within the margins of high desert are quite restricted in number. However, some of the opportunities are accessible both within the base and of post. The CRC takes initiatives to enhance one with the chances to get employed. The various facilities like career counseling, academic workshops etc are catered to by the Family Member Employment Assistance Program. FMEAP also helps one to get job related information. In accordance with the Los Angeles-Long –Beach-Riverside, CA salary chart, the DoD employment (civilian) pay locally is 27.16%.

Base Services:

·         MCCS Facilities: There are many indoor and outdoor activities organized within the MCLB Marine Corps Base.

·         There are two exchange facilities present within the base.

·         There is one commissary.

Medical Services: MCLB Branch Medical Clinic caters to the aid of patients of the base and the neighborhood.


Formerly established as the Marine Corps Depot of supplies, MCLB at present is known as the second largest employer within the periphery of Barstow. The Navy transformed it to Marine Corps on 28th Dec, 1942 in order to store and supply domains required during the World War II in the Pacific arena by the Fleet Marine Forces.

The entire region of this base is segregated into three major sites- Nebo circumscribing an area of 1,879 acres which is the Headquarters. It facilitates as the principal storing, administrative and for the varied purposes like shopping, housing etc; the Yermo Annex consumes an area of 1,859 acres is majorly utilized as the storage component as well as the commercial unit; and the last one serves as the site for ammunition like rifles and pistols encompassing a total area of 2,438 acres.


The major unit for MCLB Barstow Marine Base, Barstow is the Headquarters Battalion.


The MCLB Marine Corps Base in Barstow is composed of 74 governments owned housing quarters especially for the married soldiers and their dependent members living in the base. Day Street and Desert View are the two housing locations. The married military personnel arriving in this army installation as permanent personnel are supposed to report to the Family Housing Office located within the Community Center building 363 before deciding to live in any other housing complex which is private and does not come under the responsibility of the base. To get more details dial: 760-577-6872; DSN 282-577-6872

The Relocation Assistance Program helps save money and processes the transfer of goods for free. To contact: 760-577-6533. They also offer a facility for anyone to avail the kit with kitchen accessories. Other such items included in the kit are microwave oven, vacuum cleaner, bed mattress, table and chairs etc.



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