McGuire Air Force base is a part of the US military joint venture called Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst. Located in the highly expensive Burlington County in New Jersey, the command of the McGuire Air Force Base lies with the Air Mobility Command. The Census Designated Place of the base is located in New Hanover Township and North Hanover Township. The base is about 154 miles from the capital Washington DC.

Cost Of Living: Carrying a point of 126.70 on the cost of living index, cost of living in New Jersey seems to be way higher than that of the average US price.

Automated Telephone Attendant Numbers: 609-562-1011

Base Population: The Air Force Base McGuire houses a total population of 18,307 people comprising active staff members, contractors and family members. There are additional 60,000 retired personnel living on the base.

City/Area population:  The population of Burlington County is about 446,817.

Child Development Centers: There are two child development centers located in the McGuire Base. One center takes care of children in the age group of 6 weeks to 3 years. There is another child development center that takes care of preschool age children. Care is offered after school also in this center. Additionally there is family care center where child care is provided in the evenings and weekends.

Youth Programs: There is only one youth center on the McGuire Base. It organizes sports and recreational activities for the age group of 9 to 18 years. The school education has two choices. The North Burlington County Regional School District and North Hanover Township School District are the two areas where the children can be enrolled for their school education.

Airman and Family Readiness Center: 609-754-3154

Employment: With a stable median income of about $74,481, Burlington County has ample employment opportunities. The base has Fleet and Family Support Center, Army Community Center and Airman and Family Support Center to help spouses of the staffs to find a suitable job option. The unemployment rate in the Burlington County is about 9%.

Base Services:

For all the financial and money matters, the base has Armed Forces Bank, Wells Fargo and Andrews Credit Union. The base also houses a large commissary and exchange point in the premises. Recreational facilities like golf court, gymnasium, art and theater can be seen on the McGuire Base.

Medical Services: Inpatient medical care on the McGuire Air Force Base is provided by the 87th Medical Group Ambulatory Health Care Center. The base has a joint agreement with the nearby civilian Virtua Memorial Hospital in the Burlington County where the personnel can receive inpatient medical care.


The McGuire Air Force Base was originally developed in 1937 as the Fort Dix Airport and was used by the military. On January 09, 1941, the first military aircraft was operated from this base. After eight years in 1949, the base was finally transferred to the Air Force. The base was previously known as Rudd Fields. It was later renamed as the McGuire Air Force Base by the US Air Force in honor of the veteran major Thomas Buchanan McGuire Jr. (1920-1945). He died January 07, 1945 because of the jeopardized control system of P-38 Lightning aircraft. His plane was reportedly crashed in the Negros Island in Philippines. Thomas McGuire received the Medal Of Honor and is widely regarded as the second place flying ace from America in World war II.


The major units operating on the McGuire Air Base are the 305th Air Mobility Wing, 305th Maintenance Group, 305th Operations Group, 314th Recruiting Squadron, 787th Civil Engineer Squadron, 87th Air Base Wing, 87th Civil Engineer Group, 87th Comptroller Squadron, 87th Force Support Squadron, 87th Medical Group, 174 IN BDE, 78th Training Division Operations etc.


The housing facility in the McGuire base is allotted to the personnel by the Government Housing Office (GHO). There is privatized housing facility on the McGuire Base that is managed by the LLC and United Communities. There are also new homes constructed on the base by United Communities. There is also up gradation of size, appearance and conditions of housing units on the base.



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