McClellan Air Force Base (MAFB) in Sacramento is a former U.S. Air Force Base located 7 miles Northeast of Sacramento, California that was officially closed in 2001 as a result of the Base closure and realignment act of 1995. First built in 1935 it served in several capacities throughout its 66 years of active service. The only current Military presences are an active U.S. Coast Guard Station operating the Hercules HC-130 Aircraft. Their activities include not only Search and Rescue but Law Enforcement and Logistics Missions, from as far North as Alaska, West to Hawaii and as far south as the Equator. MAFB is also now home to the Aerospace Museum of California with a collection of least 40 fully restored vintage Aircraft and a large display of Artwork and Base History. Unfortunately, because of the many hazardous chemicals that were used for the maintenance of Aircraft over the years, this site became one of the most contaminated locations in the United States, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. However, since the Base closed in 2001, there has been a massive ongoing program of unparalleled clean-up of the site. The Base has become a shining example of how to safely conduct a decontamination clean-up program.

Cost of Living: Sacramento has a 17% higher than the National Average cost of living but, it enjoys a 13.7% lower than the State Average.

Automated Telephone Attendant Number: Operations Center 916-643-4113 DSN 633-4113

Base Population: Currently there are 189 U.S. Coast Guard Personnel Stationed at MAFB; however, it was once home to the 8th Air Force and Western Air Defense Command and housed several thousand U.S. Air Force Personnel. Civilian employees from 240 private businesses total 13,500 on what once was the Air Base property.

City/Area Population: The Greater Sacramento Metropolitan area has a population of 2,414,783

Child Development Centers: No on Base Centers are available since closure in 2001, for day care services contact the Air Force Child Development Centers Web Site at Local area Schools include Community Outreach Academy 5637 Skvarla Ave. McClellan, CA. 95652 Phone 916-286-5170, offers K-12 and is less than one mile from the Base. Also just ½ mile away offering grades 7-12 is California Aerospace Academy 5727 Perrin Ave. McClellan, CA. 95652 Phone 916-286-5101 and, Elwood J. Keema High School 5201 Arnold Ave. McClellan,CA. 95652 Phone 913-566-3410

Youth Programs: There are no on Base Youth/Teen Centers at MAFB for more information on what programs that may be available visit:

Family Readiness Center: The closest available AFRC would be at Travis AFB 20 miles to the Southwest at 351 Travis Ave. Building 660 Travis Air Force Base, CA. 94535 Phone 707-424-2486 DSN 837-2486.

Employment: Any available work on base will be posted at or However, there is currently very little employment opportunities at McClellan.

Base Services: McClellan Base Commissary Store 5507 Dudley Blvd. Building 910 McClellan, CA. 95652 Phone 916-925-8541 DSN 839-4747, store services include a Bakery, Deli, Sushi Bar, Rotisserie Chicken, House Plants and, much more. McClellan Main Exchange is at 5443 Dudley Blvd McClellan, CA.95652 Phone 916-920-0537. California Family Fitness Center and Gym is at 5839 Dudley Blvd. McClellan, CA. 95652 Phone 916-643-8890 the Barber Shop is at the Exchange Phone 916-927-7521

History: Since 1935 when McClellan AFB was first established, its primary function was Aircraft Maintenance, repair and depot. Originally named Sacramento Air Depot, in honor of Major Hezekiah McClellan a Army Air Corps Pioneer and test pilot who died in a crash in 1939, it was renamed McClellan Field. In WW2, the base became a very important staging area for combat Aircraft headed of to war. Full service repair facilities were built to handle even the heavy Bombers, such as the B-25's for the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo. During the Cold War Research was conducted here in Radiological Laboratory Analysis, Radio Communications Equipment, Advanced Avionics and Airborne Radar Early Warning Systems. On the other hand, the Service, Maintenance and Repair of Aircraft continued until the Base was closed in 2001. The EPA put the Base on the National Priorities List in 1987 because of both Hazardous Chemical and Radiological contamination from a Radium Paint Shop and Aircraft Dials. The clean-up of the contaminated sites continues throughout 2015.

Units: Only one Tenant Unit remains at McClellan AFB and that is a Unit of the U.S. Coast Guard.

Housing: The only on Base Housing is for the 189 Coast Guard Personnel. Because the Air Force left this facility in 2001; however, there are a lot of affordable apartments and houses all around the Base. Billeting Phone Number is 916-643-6221.






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